Exotic delicacies
Exotic delicacies of various countries Below is a list of the most exotic and terrible meals, which in some countries are considered delicacies. Escamoles is a traditional Mexican dish that…

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Each family daily, the question arises: what is to be pampered at dinner their home? The answer is very simple: delicious salads! Today, salads have become so popular that they…

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The most delicious dish in the world

George Bernard Shaw has said that the greatest sincerity in expressing their feelings manifested in matters of food. This explains such a huge number of recipes, including difficult to define the most delicious dish in the world. Culinary portals contain numerous surveys of similar subjects, summing up the results, you can get an idea of popular and favorite dishes in different countries, as well as those foods that have long been “lost nationality” and become international.

The most delicious hot dishes

The title of the most delicious in the world can claim Italian lasagna, which is a puff pastry, where a variety of stuffing shifted the sheets of dough and poured sauce. The content can consist of meat or vegetables, but be sure to add the Parmesan. Foreign cooks gave the world fondue – melted cheese where you dip bread. Modern variations of this dishes allow to change the composition, but one thing remains unchanged: a dip in hot liquid.

The perfect tandem of raw fish and rice, Japanese sushi . slowly but surely gaining popularity among people of different countries. Significant role in this play and the simplicity of their preparation, and malacologist ingredients. On the opposite side by the difficulties of manufacturing – Peking duck, crispy crust which leaves a long lasting impression. This meat dish will require easy side dish in the form of an onion, pancakes and sweet sauce beans.

Fry in a pan the meat, peppers, onions and guacamole (avocado puree), pour the ketchup of sour cream and salsa, wrapped in a warm tortilla made of corn flour and enjoy the fajitas . who will want to repeat.

The most delicious sweet dishes

Delicious food must comply with common cooking medium for the expression “yum”. What kind of dessert and sweet dishes can lay claim to that title? Maybe French croissants . perfectly combining warm flaky pastry and sweet filling of jam, jam or cream? The best addition to a Cup of strong coffee it is hard to imagine!

Who would have thought that the followers of order and rigor, the Germans, able to make a miracle confectionery – marzipan from ground almonds and sugar. This tile will eat and not notice, so will definitely want supplements. Added to the standard dough chocolate chips, nuts or cereal and get a delicious American cookies. And crispy with a sweet stuffing waffles! They were sent to the people of Belgian confectioners, now many countries can boast its own national recipe, shape and type of corrugated surface.

Another thing, detached from the roots of the sweet dish is Italian tiramisu . whose name literally means “pick me up”. Coffee soaked biscuit layered with a creamy mixture of yolks and mascarpone and liqueur-soaked with cocoa – this traditional recipe for this food. In the kitchens of various countries it was modified in puddings, cakes and other desserts.

The most delicious dishes

How many people – so many opinions, so determining dishes, worthy of the title of the tastiest dishes in the world, you can use an absolute criterion – price.

On this basis the candidates will get dishes made with potatoes La Bonnotte, which is grown on the island Normate and sell at a price not less than 500 euros per kilo. Tender tubers are harvested manually and put in the restaurants of the world for the pleasure of wealthy gourmets.

Potato dishes – just a side dish to meat dishes of marbled beef from Japanese cows, Wagyu. Animals rubbed with sake and drink beer or red wine that provides a special taste and smell of meat. Two hundred-gram piece of beef fillet this will empty the wallet foodie at least $ 100, if this is the tenderloin and on the entire 1000.

Learn about the most low calorie diet from this article.

Due to the demands of gourmets, came to light dumplings with “backlight” . cooked in traditional Siberian recipe with one change: add to the minced glands of fish-torch. This causes an unusual blue-green glow served and the cost portions of 2.5 thousand dollars. The one who can pay for this dinner, will not give up on the platinum club sandwich von Essen, who served in the same network hotels. In this case, the $ 200 pays for a special way baked bread, dried tomatoes, ham, truffles, quail eggs and fowl.

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