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The most expensive dishes of the world
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milk – 1 tbsp. jam – 1 tbsp (BlackBerry, black currant, plum or blueberries) soda – 2H.l. 2 tbsp. flour Cream for cake: sour cream – 2 tbsp. powdered sugar…

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Culinary wonders, how to cook exotic dishes

Scaloppine Panna funghi

From a clever combination of three words is not accidental breathes the spirit of Italy – the name is met in the menu of the trattoria “Rimini”. It is here that serves a dish of pork tenderloin, mushrooms and cream with baked potatoes as a side dish. Reminds nothing? Scaloppine – nothing like the Italian version of the French escalope – fried in flour thin plates of veal or other meat, sliced and prepared in a special way. And cooking a La “Fungi” hints at a creamy mushroom sauce.

Meat is cut across the grain thin, but wide pieces and bounces. After salt and pepper it, fry both sides in hot fat until crispy brown. Mushrooms boil in salted water. Remove the meat from the pan, pour there a little mushroom broth and boil about 6-8 minutes. Then return the meat, put sliced tomatoes, and pour diluted with water tomato paste and stew for about 6 minutes. Before serving the cuts of meat laid out the mushrooms and as a side dish usually served baked or fried potatoes, sprinkled with herbs.

Hummus is a great and, most importantly, healthy snack

Tapas, hummus, dukka,”Pete”

Word, looks like a spell to call the waiter, designate a small snack. Tapas (accent on the first syllable) came from Spain. In taverns of this country, it was decided to put the snack on a glass of drink, protecting contents from dust and flies. But when one of the kings ordered that each serving of liquor to soldiers was accompanied by a complimentary snack, cunning innkeeper significantly reduced the size of these dishes.

Dukka is a spice from nuts (peanut, hazelnut, sesame) and spices (pepper, cinnamon, cumin, thyme, oregano), common in Egypt. Can be used as addition to meat and vegetable dishes. Dukku usually prepared the day before serving. For the traditional version, take 1 Cup of any nuts, half a Cup of sesame seeds, coriander and cumin seeds, a teaspoon of salt and black pepper to taste. Nuts, coriander, cumin and sesame seeds baked in the oven separately from each other at a temperature of 180 degrees. You can also do it on a dry pan. Parts are then cooled and ground in a mortar or blender. The thoroughness of grind depends on your tastes. After adding salt and pepper, all well mixed and stored in a cool place in tightly closed containers. You can serve it with bread, boiled eggs, melted cheese and olive oil.

Sformatino is a traditional Italian dish

“Sformatino eggplant with sauce “Parmigiana”

Restaurant “Basilico” offers one of the variations of traditional Italian dishes sformatini. looks like a turret of a cupcake with melted cheese and yolk inside. However, as toppings and ingredients for the main mass may vary from eggplant, zucchini or cabbage to the usual Italians the polenta is a simple dish made with corn flour and resembling porridge.

Based on polenta and selected our recipe. For it will need 200 g polenta 300 ml milk, 400 ml of water, 60 g grated cheese “Parmesan” or “Grana Padano”, 200g good melting cheese, 100 g butter, salt to taste.

The preparation begins with the preparation of polenta. In a pot pour water and milk, add salt and once it boils, a thin stream, stirring constantly from lumps, add the polenta. It is better to take the one that will be ready in a short time – 3-4 minutes. When the mass thickens, add Parmesan, a little more than a quarter (60g) of the second cheese, 50 grams of butter, mix well and remove from heat.

Grease with butter the molds and place the polenta on the bottom. Making in the center of the recess, even out the weight on the sides of the mould, and in the hole put a piece of butter and melting cheese. And then put back a raw egg yolk, so that he fell into the groove; cover with a layer of polenta, pressing lightly.

In the oven all set just for 5 minutes at 200 degrees. Turrets are ready, turn over onto a plate immediately, not waiting until they cool down. Bon appetit!

Behind the unpronounceable name hides a salmon fillet

German experts will easily recognise the exotic name distorted “fishphone” – “fish pot”. Behind this word stands truboprokatnym salmon fillet, baked in a cast iron cockatrice in Bechamel sauce, with mushrooms, peppers and cream. And it is served in “Bamberg”.

Fillet cleaned from skin and bones, and then cut into pieces. The fish is laid out on a greased vegetable oil a baking dish, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Top place the chopped mushrooms and pour the cream so that the fish was covered with them. Grated on a fine grater cheese, pour on each slice. All this is baked in the oven at 200 degrees for about 18-20 minutes. Served with a side dish of vegetables.

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