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The ideas are interesting meat dishes

The decoration of meat dishes

The highlight of dinner, of course, is the main course. As a rule, this meat. For this dish increased demands. Because no matter how delicious it may be, its appearance will cause no appetite and the entire holiday can go down the drain if it is supplied loose.

For meat dishes, the jewelry is chosen depending on the method of cooking the food themselves. If the meat is cooked under the sauce, not to decorate it with salad leaves or herbs, which when wet, will quickly lose their freshness and attractive appearance.

Heat-treated fresh vegetables, and decorate baked meat. For him it will be the perfect decoration.

The bird is best to decorate with decorations of citrus.

Pepper with minced meat

To prepare this dish you need to take the small peppers and pre-prepared minced meat, rice, carrots and onions.

You first need 2 minutes to blanch the peppers, then remove seeds, cut off the stalk. It is better to choose wide, but not long pepper.

The pepper should be stuffed and simmer for about 30 minutes.

Then the dish should be spread on 3-5 peppers in the shape of a flower. Between the peppers you can put on 1 leaf of lettuce.

In the center you can place the stuffed vegetable, for example tomato.

Neposredstvennoe serving dishes of fish, meat, grilled or rotisserie birds “walk” on them lightly soaked in vegetable oil with a brush. This will give a toasted crust Shine and will make the dishes even more appetizing.

Tomatoes with minced meat

To prepare this dish, you should only use ripe, firm tomatoes.

In tomatoes, it is necessary to cut off the tops. The pulp should be removed – it will need for the gravy.

In advance you need to prepare the minced meat, rice, carrots and onions. You must fill tomatoes with minced meat and simmer for about 30 minutes.

Then you need to prepare gravy. To do this, lightly fry the carrot and onion, add the pulp of tomatoes, then simmer for 5 minutes.

The finished tomatoes should be laid out on a plate in the center (as in the previous recipe) or around any garnish. On top of the dish pour over the gravy, garnish with greens or carrot curls (see below).

Pyramid of citrus

To beautifully decorate meat or poultry, you can use one original idea.

Like all citrus are perfectly suited to meat dishes. Meat or poultry should be placed in the center of the plate, and put citrus around.

You need to take some oranges and lemons. They should be cut into slices. Arrange them around the meat dish as follows – alternating circles of orange and lemon. On top of them you need to put: on a piece of orange lemon and slice of lemon orange. The upper circles should be smaller diameter to see the bottom row of citrus.

If there are very small circles, you can put them on top of the third row. The pinnacle pyramid can serve as a slice of tangerine or cherry.

The buds of the potato

To your meat dishes, such as chops or ham, is well suited crispy Golden potato buds.

The potatoes should be cleaned and a regular spoon to cut a small recess. Each bulb is recommended to cut the tip.

On the ball by its circumference should make 3 incisions in the form of an arc. Then you need to cut around the petals with a thin layer of potatoes. In the same way and cut the other 2 petals. The middle should be in the form of mesh.

Then, each Bud can be sprinkled with saffron until tender and bake in the oven.

In the center of the plate to put the meat around to spread out the greens (lettuce, parsley, dill) and her potato buds.

Daisies from a turnip

This original decoration is suitable for poultry and meat.

Clean turnips must be carefully cut into thick plates. Each plate should mark the center of the circle.

Further work will need a smaller hollow, which should make the labels for the petals to a depth of about 3 mm. Petals it is recommended that cut, holding knife at a slight angle.

Each petal should be with a beveled edge, all corners need to be cut along the contour.

After that, every Daisy should be placed for some time in boiling water mixed with lemon juice.

On a plate to lay out the salad greens and then lay on her daisies. The core colors can be made from the peel of a lemon.

Potato balls

A meat dish can perfectly decorate the potato balls.

To make them, you need to mix mashed potatoes with cheese, salt and pepper. This is followed by molded from a mixture of beads.

Then, each ball should be dipped in beaten egg and roll in bread crumbs.

Now the balls must be fried until Golden brown in a deep fryer. After the beads cool, they can decorate a meat dish.

Any meat dish will look good in the water lilies from the bow.

For the preparation of water-lilies will need 1 onion small size. It needs to be clear and make a gear in the middle of the incision (cutting through). Now you need to gently separate the onion halves from each other. To half of the onion is revealed, they should be put on some time into the icy water.

If in water, add food coloring, the bulb will become corresponding color.

After this colorful water lilies can be decorated meat dish.

A bunch of grapes

If the holiday table is prepared with meat (pate, ribs, ham, aspic), it is most suitable decoration in the form of grape bunches.

The cluster should be done from cucumbers. Each cucumber should be cleaned and with a small notch cut out of the hemisphere. On top of the meat dish should be put in the form of grape bunches hemisphere prepared from cucumber.

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