Dishes for the new year - recipes of salads, appetizers, sandwiches
The new year just around the corner and many are already festive menu and are looking for new recipes. On the table want to put not only delicious, but beautifully…

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Salad "Autumn"
This salad I can eat almost every day, love him very much. Without canning, it is stored in the refrigerator for a week, but can be spun and for the…

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Meat dishes, Ukrainian cuisine, recipes, cooking, healthy food
Dishes kotlety mass and minced meat Ukrainian cuisine is widely meat dishes. In any restaurant menu You will find both first and second courses of meat . Meat dishes are…

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Exotic delicacies

Exotic delicacies of various countries

Below is a list of the most exotic and terrible meals, which in some countries are considered delicacies.

Escamoles is a traditional Mexican dish that predstavlyaet a eggs liometopum of huge black ants. To collect these eggs is a very dangerous occupation, as the ants are poisonous and do not really like people. The consistency of the eggs look like cottage cheese. As a rule, they are eaten in tacos with guacamole. They taste quite nice, so tried in Mexico, something from the national cuisine, you may not notice that ate the ant eggs.

Casu Marzu. It infected flies curd sheep cheese. The result is corroded by maggots and decomposing the bomb. Translucent larvae can bounce, so it is better to protect eyes. Taste burns language, cheese derives odorous liquid called lagrima – tears. The larvae are not digested and can begin to multiply, causing vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Cheese is a delicacy in Sardinia (Italy), but its production is illegal.

A live octopus. A great delicacy in Korea is the octopus. To see and choose it in large aquariums, which are usually located at the entrance to the restaurant. Love it and the youth, and the elderly.Properly there is an octopus – with the head, then You will not get from his tentacles. But it is for thrill-seekers, but usually the octopus is cut into small pieces, approximately 1-2 cm, and served up with iconic Korean dish of kimchi (marinated in a special way cabbage). The pieces of tentacles wrapped in kimchi and eat. The taste of the overcooked octopus is similar to squid, that is very hard. But they contain absolutely no fat.

Tarantula. In Cambodia, cool delicacy, almost like black caviar in the West, is considered a big spider “a-ping” – a species of venomous tarantula. This is the signature dish of the city Skuon, which is located near the capital Phnom Penh. Do not be confused by a terrifying species of spider with large poisonous fangs, the size of the palm of an adult male. Before cooking the spider need to find, to pull out of the hole and pull out the poisonous fangs. Then the spider slowly roasted over an open fire (definitely wood) with the addition of large amounts of salt and garlic. When the black chitinous shell will become reddish-brown spider with a crispy crust and very tender inside ready for use. To eat a tarantula recommend very hot, better hands.

It resembles chicken. Spider meat contains high quality protein and almost devoid of fat. In addition, helps to relieve back pain and treat some diseases of the respiratory system. Spiders ‘ legs, belly and poisonous jaws soaked in rice wine – it turns dark brown turbid liquid, which raises the overall tone.

Lutefisk is cod soaked in an alkaline solution to such an extent that the fillets can corrode silverware. Norway.

Scorpions are also considered a delicacy. Scorpions eat not only in Asia. In elite restaurants in new York and Amsterdam pampered with exotic dishes from the audience are treated to a snack of Scorpion on the cheese pillow encased in lettuce. There are Scorpions better without the legs and head. The body inside is white, sometimes brown. Towards the end of cooking time, he no longer poisonous. In Chinese restaurants Scorpions most often steamed and served on a thin pancake with a slight sour sauce and vegetables. The taste of this exotic dish crispy if the Scorpion inside is not empty, and has a slightly bitter taste.

In Cambodia one of the most popular dishes are specially prepared grasshoppers. And even grasshoppers love in the USA, in Missouri. They should have fried, it is better hot, in fish or soy sauce, liberally sprinkling red hot pepper. The head and legs it is better to separate together with stomach. Feet – food for everybody, they are edible, but are very long, making them difficult to swallow without biting each in half first. The taste is somewhat reminiscent of fried potatoes with a creamy, slightly sweet flavor. Grasshoppers are rich in proteins, phosphorus and calcium.

Pacha. Just boiled sheep’s head, considered a delicacy in Iraq.

Caterpillar. Most of them eat in China. This is a small, yellowish larvae of butterflies, which resemble a long spring and not hairy. To eat caterpillars should be well-done. These insects are often prepared deep-fried, paneer in flour with salt and hot pepper. Then put in hot oil, almost like chips. So better preserved delicate mild flavor under the elastic ruddy crust. Slightly salty to the taste, they resemble a soft, pumpkin seeds, empty inside, so almost no crunch. The caterpillars are very high in calories, then quickly comes a feeling of satiety.

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