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The Cuisine Of Malta

Peculiarities of the national cuisine of Malta

Not only do the knights of Malta had its secrets, secrets kept and Maltese Housewives. The mere cooking of hot food, especially in rural areas, is a kind of ritual. It was the fact that due to the lack of firewood cooked food or burned in a furnace, for which the entire village was preparing, and sinking a local Baker, but every woman early in the morning brought down his pot of food. The smells and aromas of the neighbors could have guessed that someone for dinner.

Families cooked on large flat stones, heated on the fire, they retain heat a long time. The lack of firewood determined the nature and composition of the typical Maltese dishes. In addition to pasta are clearly of Italian origin, meat and vegetables, usually baked or stewed. Ragout rabbit’s meat (in Maltese is “Fenech”), stuffed beef, stuffed with braised octopus, steamed vegetables of all kinds are among the most tasty local dishes.

Traditional pie with lampuki – fish, taste like tuna. And one of the most exotic dishes – spaghetti with sauce from ink of an octopus .

For reviews of some tourists fish in Malta was not always able to local chefs.

The English influence is evident in the abundance of different sweet pies (Pai),varied by size and stuffing.

Certainly need to try Maltese puff pastry with ricotta (sort of soft cheese) and fried in oil cakes of figs.

Everyone who has visited Malta, long lasting impression of local crisp bread (hobza) baked in the oven. Yesterday’s bread in Malta do not exist. On the streets at the end of the day you can see a box with bread, which is cooked to a secondary treatment.

Some cuisine of Malta

Minestra (minestra) is a vegetable soup, served with Granita (gbejniet) goat or sheep cheese from the island of Gozo. The Kuksa (kuksu) – bean soup with onion puree.

The second (or main) dishes

The second the Maltese is a very popular dish with sauce and vegetables (eggplant, zucchini) stuffed with ground meat, olives, herbs and garlic with seafood (octopus, squid). The sauce is usually tomato or wine. Fish and meat (pork, chicken, rabbit) often serve as a side dish baked potato with cumin, pasta (pasta is Italian), spaghetti. As a condiment the Maltese usually use garlic and tomatoes.

Price of main dishes ranges from 1 to 3 Lm.

Arnit mimli (qarnit mimli) – octopus stuffed with pasta or spaghetti.

Maltese ravioli (ravioli): homemade pasta Parmigiana stuffed with ricotta and parsley, served with tomato sauce, celery and Basil.

Babbush (bebbux) – cold ragout of snails in a garlic-herb sauce.

Bragioli (bragioli) – a mixture of chopped meat, eggs, bread crumbs and parsley, Sanatana meat in a roll and baked on slow fire.

Stuffat tal-Fenech (stuffat tal-fenek) – rabbit stew with herbs, garlic under the famous “rabbit sauce” (meat juice rabbit, garlic, tomatoes).

Hobz BIZ Zeit (hobz biz zejt) – a typical Maltese sandwich. It must surely try. This hobza bread with tomatoes, olives, capers, garlic, tuna fish or anchovies, paperchine and flavored with mint or Basil.

Pastizzi (pastizzi) is a flaky bread stuffed with green peas, mashed into puree.

Mqaret (mqaret) – pie eggplant with dates.

Dessert – sandwiches, pastries. The Maltese do not particularly like cakes or pastries. In hot climates such products rapidly deteriorate. Basically, for preparation of sweet food products used dry puff pastry.

In addition to culinary products in Malta always offered for dessert ice cream, fruit salad or just fruits that grow in Malta: peaches, pears, grapes, watermelons and, of course, tangerines, oranges and grapefruits.

Soft drinks

The main local soft drink, kinnie (“Kinney”). It’s made from bitter oranges and aromatic herbs of the twelve local. The taste is slightly tart, good thirst quencher and has a very noticeable relaxing (but not laxative) effect. Something like “coke” with orange juice. Drinks “kinner” and “the cross”, apparently represent a kind of “Kinney”.

Bottle “Kinney” (0, 33 liter) in the shop is from 0.20 to 0.25 Lm. the bar is almost twice as expensive. Some supermarkets accept empty containers. For example, a one-liter bottle from under the “Kinney” is from 5 to 6 cents, small – 2 – 3 cents. Fontana local mineral water (1.5 l) is about 0.4 Lm. Inherited from the British to the Maltese people still love tea.

On the island there is a plant that brews Lowenbrau. Therefore, the connoisseurs of this drink is no problem. Local beer Cisk (“CISC”) to global brands does not apply. But qualitatively brewed that beer is particularly important. Cisk and other cheaper Lowenbrau imported beer. Among locals it is quite popular. Especially among young people. Bank Cisk (0,33 l) in the shop is about 0.4 Lm in the bar in half to two times more expensive.

Maltese wine is cheaper, and not worse in their quality. Among them are red “Merlot”, “Citadel” and “Gozo Country white” (Gozo Country White) with a light taste and pleasant bouquet. The price of imported French wine, liqueur and brandy high. Local wines are relatively cheap: from 0.6 Lm to 3 Lm at 0.7 L. the Average price of a 0,5 l bottle – 1 Lm.

The cheapest (and very good) homemade wine. They are found in almost all restaurants and taverns. Pint on tap of this wine will cost about 0.4 Lm.

Sale of alcoholic beverages

Usually bars, restaurants and cafés open from 9 am to 1 am. Often even longer. In stores alcoholic beverages are sold until 13:00. Many hotel bars are closed from 13:00 to 16:00 hours. Some bars only open from 18:00.

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