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Preparation of cold meals and snacks – the fullness of the holiday table

In our country we are all accustomed to the fact that a holiday table must bend under the weight of various dishes. For their preparation takes a lot of time and even Housewives often resort to the help of her friends and others that will help in filling the table with dishes for interesting recipes with unusual ingredients. But along with such troubles, one should remember that the preparation of cold dishes and snacks is a win-win option for filling any table especially festive.

Variety of cold appetizers

Snacks for the festive table, served cold can be very diverse, ranging from vegetable and fruit, to cheese and meat.

The easiest way to dilute your table with some snacks – make a cheese and meat plate. Just a few types of cheeses are cut and laid out beautifully on a large platter, complemented by honey or grapes that is so delicious combined with cheeses.

The meat dish can be filled with different kinds of sausages, ham and rolls with stuffing inside – prunes, dried apricots, nuts. Fortunately, today the recipes in the culinary world offered a lot and there is always plenty to choose from and taste, and pricing.

Among raznoobraziya you should also highlight the rolls on the basis of Armenian lavash. Options for toppings for the pitas you can also pick up a lot, ranging from mushrooms with vegetables and ending with the seafood, including such popular as crab sticks.

How to prepare cold appetizers

Cold snacks can be prepared in the eve of the holiday. Then there will be more time to prepare main dishes on the day of an important celebration or feast served on the table warm and just removed from the furnace or oven.

The advantage of preparing cold appetizers is that they can be used even several days after the celebration, they are stored in refrigerators or cool rooms, and on their basis it is possible to prepare other meals, such as holiday meats that are not eaten at the feast, even after a few days to cook hodgepodge.

Cold snacks are also prepared, depending on the ingredients, because fish for long periods of time is recommended to be stored even in the refrigerator cooked. This also applies to vegetables, which quickly dries upon contact with air.

Interesting snacks for the holiday table

Every woman at the table trying to pick up treats guests something tasty and unusual. Among such unusual dishes, be sure to highlight meat rolls with stuffing inside. They are prepared simply and quickly, and due to the colorful inside will look simply festive.

So, to prepare meat loaf you will need:

a large chicken breast fillet for about 300-400 grams

200 g hard cheese

120 g dried apricots

salt and seasoning to taste

vegetable oil for frying.

Method of preparation:

In the process of making meat the foundations for rolls is very important to cut meat and repel, from filaki get a cold cloth. For this fillet cut along the grain until the end, and thus to get a book. Meat wrapped up in cling film and hit the gavel for next week.

Salt meat and pepper. To hold meat a little spice to it soaked.

While the meat is marinating, soak the apricots and give her a little bit to swell, and then pulling the wet towel, make it dry. Grate the cheese on a grater.

a clear base sprinkled with grated cheese, meat along the edge of the bases to put the dried apricots.

Next, you need to wrap the meat rolls, beginning with the party that hosts the dried apricots. Roll you can tie the thread, to keep it together. Bake at temperature of 180 degrees for about 30-35 minutes.

After cooling the roll to remove the string and cut into pieces a La carte. Served cold.

As a filling for the apricots very often add more olives or maslenki pitted, chopped greens, other vegetables and fruits as desired. Also ideal as a filling prunes, and some Housewives run the risk of even roast meat with exotic fruits.

Options for preparing cold snacks, there are many, and most interestingly, they are all presented in a simple and understandable recipes.

Very interesting video about the preparation of cold snacks for the festive table on the theme: “Preparation of cold meals and snacks – the fullness of the holiday table”:

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