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Pancakes with meat

Delicious recipe of the original dishes

Of the dish with the unusual name of “pancakes” has a story. Of course, nothing to do with “fight” in the origin of the word no. The fact is that in the old days (namely in the seventeenth century) had not been invented, modern kitchen graters. Their role was played by “Kalki”, the so-called adaptations for grinding. About the indifference of the Belarusians to the potatoes. can be folded myths. In Belarus such a product called the “Bulba”. But pancakes with meat, and even just the pancakes did not appear immediately.

Some interesting information about pancakes

Literally from the first day of emergence in this country of the potato people realized that it is its crowning place in their lives. They began to grow it with special enthusiasm, not too lazy to care for the beds. And in the end got an enviable crop of potatoes.

To diversify the meal, the potatoes are only boiled, but steamed, fried, baked, and finally… came to the idea of cooking from grated potatoes. First shredded for cooking for experimental purposes.

But when tasted… well, I recognized him as one of the traditional officially. But delicious pancakes with meat, people learned to cook at once. First cooked them just potatoes, flour, eggs.

Pancakes are popular today in Russia,in Ukraine and in Europe. Only they are called in other countries in different ways. For example, in Ukrainian dish will sound: “deruny”. In Russia they are called “kakikomi”. Not far behind and Polish cooks, making “clacky”.

Israelity also prepare a similar dish, calling it “latkes”. Well, pancakes with minced meat is especially tasty! And it doesn’t matter how they are called, because constant component of the dish – the potatoes and… good mood for someone who cooks.

Recipe potato pancakes with meat

Well, it would seem that it is easier to cook for Breakfast or dinner than a dish, something reminiscent of pancakes with stuffing, potatoes! Yes there it was. Sometimes the owners and novice cooks complain that instead of beautiful and delicious potato pancakes turns out the potato mixture, and not very pleasant taste.

To avoid this, it is necessary to prepare a dish with particular zeal. And when the experience, skill, you can cook pancakes with stuffing, not peeping in the recipe. And the dish will come out excellent. If you cook, then only with “soul”, with the desire and the belief in a superior result.

Products that will help us to prepare pancakes:

potatoes – 6 pieces;

minced meat – 150 g;

eggs – 2 pieces;

salt – to taste;

onion – 1 piece;

vegetable oil – 50 g;

flour – 60

I almost forgot about the onion. Well, darling, it helps many dishes become tastier and spicier.

Cooking potato pancakes with minced meat

Charge of positive mood, start cooking delicious meals. It can be served also on the occasion of the arrival of guests. By the way, excellent way out if they so very suddenly comes into Your home. And You commercials them a friendly smile: “and here is the pancakes with meat and sour cream!” Or with mayonnaise (as you want). The first step to prepare a cheese grater, she is very needed, without it the violin, so to speak.

1. All the ingredients that we prepared (well, except salt and butter, of course) have to clean, wash and grate. Best by rubbing potatoes carries the most quick cooks. The potato after rubbing can buy a very nice shade. The onion will help us to prevent such a “catastrophe”, as the darkening of the potatoes, so it should be immediately mixed with grated potatoes.

2. To grated products (potatoes, onions, garlic) add eggs and flour, stir.

3. On a hot pan, pour oil. Put in boiling oil a little dough (like when making pancakes), replusive, so that became our pancakes more like crepes, but fit in the pan (not all at once, of course).

4. On each “pancake” need to put meat stuffing – stuffing.

5. Cover with same dough. And fry. It is best if the beef is high fat content.

6. When one side of the potato pancakes are thoroughly browned, it’s time to turn them over to the other side. Carefully so as not to break. Now Dozhivem pancakes until they are ready.

Fragrant, ruddy pancakes with meat spread on a dish, pour sour cream or mayonnaise and are on the table. Sour cream can also be submitted separately.

As you can see, the recipe for potato pancakes with meat are very simple and affordable. Nothing complicated. But here, I will be happy with all members of the household, and guests, of course! Be sure to ask for supplements. Friends will be wondering how to prepare potato pancakes, so share with them a simple recipe. Delicious, nourishing, appetizing! What more could you ask for when it’s mealtime! Bon appetit!

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