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Cold appetizers


Ingredients :

round bread, butter — 20 g, horseradish sour cream — 2 tablespoons, ham — 150 g cheese — 150 g, pate poultry or venison (canned) — 200-300 g, mayonnaise-100 g mustard, tomatoes and cucumbers, 80 g, pickles (carrots, gherkins, mushrooms) — 30 g, green onions or parsley.


Ingredients :

Turkey — 600 g beef — 300 g mushrooms — 100 g bread — 300 g, eggs — 2 PCs. onions — 80 g butter — 50 g, aromatic roots, spices, lemon juice, salt.

Turkey meat stew in a little water with vegetables and seasonings. Mushrooms cut into slices and saute with onion, salt and pepper. Half of veal meat cut into cubes, and the rest mince with mushrooms. To this mixture, add bread, soaked in milk, eggs and lemon juice.

Knead soft dough from flour, eggs and butter. Roll out dough and cover bottom and inner side of the pan. Prepared stuffing mix with chopped pieces of meat. This mixture is spread on the layer of dough in pan, top oil and creamy maslom bake in a hot oven for approximately 40-50 min.

Pate serve with vegetable salad.


Ingredients :

Turkey — one bird, onions for the broth — 80 g onions for garnish — 400 g, sweet pepper — 450 g garlic — 25 g ground red pepper, salt.

Sauce: 780 g kefir 200 g cream, 25 grams of garlic, salt.


Cook the prepared carcass of a Turkey in a small amount of water (2-2,5 liters of water per 1 kg of meat). While cooking remove the foam and fat. At the end of cooking, add fried until Golden brown onions, peppers, salt and cook until tender. Before the end of cooking add the garlic. The finished carcass of the Turkey remove from broth, let cool and cut into portions.

Peel the onion, cut into half rings and fry in the fat removed from the broth. At the end of Browning onions sprinkle of red pepper.

When serving the Turkey out onto a plate, pour passerovannym onions with red pepper.

Separately served with the Turkey sauce. For its preparation stir yogurt and sour cream, then add mashed with salt garlic and again mix thoroughly. Ready-made sauce infused 25 min.


Ingredients :

lean duck (1 kg) 1 carcass, green salad and parsley. Stuffing: 200 g of beef, 100 g veal liver, 150 g pork, poultry giblets (liver, gizzard, heart), 80 g bread, 100 g of broth, 2 eggs, pepper, salt, nutmeg. Broth: bones of birds, a Bay leaf, 100 g of aromatic roots (parsley root, onion, carrot), 1.5 l of water, clove Bud, salt. Jelly: 750 g of broth, protein 1-2 eggs, 15 g of 3 % vinegar. Filling: 130 g pickled cucumbers, 200 g boiled sausage


The carcass of the duck is well cleaned, singe, gut, wash, dry. To cut the wings to the first joint, then carefully incise the flesh of the shoulder joint and remove the bone. Also remove the bones from the legs. Put the carcass back up, cut with a sharp knife along the back and carefully separating the meat from the bones, remove the bones. Carefully cut meat from bones. The resulting layer of meat with remaining skin to smooth, to cut thick pieces of meat and put where it is less. The resulting layer of meat rubbed with salt.

Broth preparation:

Peel the vegetables, cover them with water and boil on low heat. At the end of cooking, add salt and spices.

Preparing the filling:

Soak the bread in a small amount of cold broth. Veal, pork, veal mince 3 times, then the giblets and pressed loaf. In the received forcemeat add the egg, pepper, salt, nutmeg. All carefully mix until obtaining a lush mass. While whisking gradually pour 3-4 tablespoons of broth or boiled water.

Spread out on the table poultry meat and cover it with an even layer of toppings, and the edges to put the pieces of sausage alternately with strips of cucumber the same size. The meat to roll into a log and wrap it in a napkin, which should be securely laced up. Received packet to put in a hot strained broth and cook for about two hours (old and large bird to cook longer).

The finished loaf to cool in the broth, then remove and press the Board with the cargo. The broth evaporate until 3/4 full. The bottom of the dish, pour part of the broth, cool. Received jelly to spread loaf, cut into slices 1 cm thick again, pour the broth and cool.

The edge of the aspic to decorate leaves of salad or parsley.


Ingredients :

carcass of one chicken, lean pork or beef — 350 g fat — 120 g eggs — 3 PCs. milk — 0,5 l of boiled, purified language — 200 g, 300 g of mayonnaise with gherkins, 2 nutmeg, a whisper of paprika powder, 900 grams of vegetables, 10 g of the aromatic roots, 50 g onion, 1 carrot, 1 Bay leaf, 20 g parsley, salt,


Neotrogena chicken singe, wash, cut the head off the neck to the middle of its length, to cut the legs and wings at first joint. The carcass to gut through a longitudinal skin incision on the back from the neck to the end of the body. To do this, cut the peel along with the flesh along the spine above and clean up with a sharp knife the meat from the rib bones with the entrails of the cervical vertebrae, legs, leaving the carcass only the bones of the wings. If the chicken is gutted, skin with meat separate from the sides of the cut breast and the craw, leaving the back skin intact. After Stripping the meat from bones, most of the flesh cut from the skin.

Prepared the carcass and bones of the chicken to the pan, cover with cold water, season with salt and cook, turning occasionally, 1 hour 45 minutes, without allowing to boil. At the end of cooking to add aromatic roots, onions, Bay leaf.

The finished chicken remove from broth, put it back down and chill out under mild pressure. Cold carcass to remove the napkin, twine, brush with mayonnaise, decorate with stars of carrots, parsley. Separately apply cold vegetable garnish and mayonnaise with pickles.

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