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Low calorie recipes

In the fight against excess weight Your appetite plays a huge role. But diet food in Your diet has a great view, and delicious – absolutely no a diet? Don’t poison your life with bans! To eat tasty and healthy is very simple, using low calorie recipes. It is enough minimum knowledge of calorie foods and a little imagination. And we’ll tell You in the right direction, tell you about the most delicious diet dishes and even teach you how to prepare low-calorie desserts!

– Low calorie salads

– Low-calorie snacks

Soups for weight loss

– Low calorie recipes side dishes

– Low calorie recipes sweets, desserts

Low calorie foods

The main rule of diet cooking – using low-calorie ingredients. Now with the introduction of low-calorie foods and get started.

At the first stage of ranking the usefulness and dimiceli is a grapefruit . He doesn’t just contain very few calories, but also burns insulin in the blood than neutralizes the desire for something to eat. Grapefruit – noble crook of hunger. Enough to eat half of the fruit or drink a glass of juice. It produces stunning light salad, upravleniyuosobymi oil, and flavored with spices. Grapefruit juice can be mixed with other fruits, add 15 g of gelatin and put it in the refrigerator – will be a delicious low-calorie jelly.

The second position is the low-calorie foods is green tea . Thanks to the alkaloids it has a therapeutic effect. It contains more caffeine – ingredient energy and also antioxidants that can prevent the emergence and development of cancer cells, protect blood vessels, normalize the metabolic processes in the human body.

Third place is rightly given to the pineapple . It stimulates the digestive system, colon cleansing, can lower blood pressure, reduce blood viscosity, prevent the formation of atherosclerosis. Put it out, do a variety of salads and don’t worry about the extra calories.

Followed by the beef . Meat protein that also stimulates the metabolism, and quenches hunger. A delicious source of protein and essential iron You will receive by preparing a cold salad of boiled beef and grapefruit . cut them into pieces, laying on lettuce leaves or spinach and sbryznuv all this lemon juice. Beef can be eaten not only in boiled form, she’s great on the grill. The only thing you need to eliminate from the diet, not just losing weight, it’s meat fried in butter.

Seasonings and spices . as a rule, diets are not recommended – they irritate the stomach, causing increased appetite. However, many of them also burn extra calories and stimulate metabolism, so seasoning them properly cooked meat, prepare the sauces are not just possible, but necessary. Use vitamin “Packed” dill, arugula, parsley, Kenzi, sage and thyme. Carefully chop the herbs, a little add salt, add olive oil and lemon juice. As for the spices – do not get particularly sharp, they are able to harm your stomach.

Followed by broccoli . 100 grams of this vegetable only contains 30 calories. With its consumption the body receives a huge amount of vitamins and nutrients, besides You don’t overload your digestive system.

Asparagus is not only low calorie, it tastes good and stimulates the removal from the body of excess fluid. Its young shoots can be eaten as a side dish, it is ideal ingredient for soups and salads.

Whatever you say, and most low calorie foods – vegetables: fresh and pickled cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce, radishes, zucchini, eggplant, green onions, asparagus, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, celery, and bell pepper. To the list of low-calorie fruits and berries also include: cherry plum, quince, watermelons, blackberries, cherries, grapefruit, lemon, strawberries. Their energy value is less than 40 kcal per 100 g.

Products, in which 100 g. of the order of 40-50 kcal this:

1. Vegetables: parsley, horseradish, onions, garlic, beets.

2. Berries and fruits: melon, pomegranate, orange, cranberries, pear, Apple, raspberry, gooseberry, kiwi, persimmon, peach, blueberry, cherry.

The low calorie meat: heart, kidney, chicken, Turkey, rabbit, lean beef, lean beef.

Most low-calorie seafood and fish: squid, flounder, carp, carp, smelt, shrimp, crabs, river perch, ice fish, whiting, burbot, perch, pike, Pollock, hake.

Low-calorie dairy products is just their variety of low fat options.

The low calorie sweets – marshmallows, candy and marmalade.

Low-calorie bakery products – rye bread, crisp bread, including the bread wafer, without the use of yeast in cooking.

Table of calories

To make your own competent menu, you must know the number of calories in the products used. This is not difficult when You have a special table of calories. In addition, You can examine the product packaging, but beware: nizkokaloriynoe store products are often just a publicity stunt. In the low-calorie cake on the counter instead of sakharozameniteli sugar, eggs instead of egg powder, and instead of fruit colors, flavors and flavoring. Therefore do not be enticed by advertising signboard, and better prepare low-calorie desserts for yourself. Perhaps it will be more calories than the store-bought version, but it Your body will benefit, not harm.

Calories: table calorie foods

Low-calorie recipes for weight loss

To evaluate the refinement of low-calorie menu, we offer You to master already ready recipes indicating calories contained. This will allow You to make sure that diet food is incredibly delicious. Eventually You will fill the hand and can create real culinary masterpieces on their own. Low-calorie recipes indicating calories will help You get started in the world of delicious and healthy food.

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