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Snacks for the New year : quick, tasty and beautiful

Snacks for the New year is one of the main components of the holiday menu. They can cook many, many different ingredients: this may be the tarts with filling, lavash rolls, tapas and canapés. For cooking, you can take fish, sausage, cheese, vegetables, eggs. But should pay attention to the decoration of dishes, for example, you can take some dill and Basil leaves.

Here you can peek some original recipes that you can use when you suddenly descend guests, after the New year we usually spend with family, and then another week we meet in your house of friends who come to congratulate us on holidays.

Snacks for the New year

If you don’t want to cook a whole plate of beet snacks for the New year with garlic, you can use it as a filling for tartlets. We will need 12 tartlets, one salted herring, 75 g of cooked beetroot, onion, mayonnaise, dill and pepper to taste.

Red beets boil, it needs to be soft and freely protegits with a fork. It is desirable that the beetroot was sweet, so it is better to err and cook two, one may not be enough for delicious holiday meals. Ready vegetable peel and grate on a small grater. Add chopped dill, mayonnaise and mix thoroughly beet pulp, seasoning with black pepper.

Tartlets need to fill in the beet mass. Onion peel and cut into rings, it can be pickled in vinegar with sugar or pour over boiling water, went to the bitterness. Herring clean, remove the skin, spine, bones. Cut into large pieces (the size of tarts). The beet put a ring of onion and a piece of herring, and then snacks on New year 2016 decorate with a sprig of greens – dill or Basil, and you can decorate and red caviar, to emphasize the solemnity of this dish. Serve them immediately after cooking.

In this case, we used ready-made tarts, but you can prepare yourself using puff pastry. The test should take half a kilo, suitable for frozen yeast-free.

The pre-dough get so that it had time to defrost. Then cut it into squares with sides of five centimeters. The finished squares need to roll, they should be very thin – 3 mm. So that the dough doesn’t stick, you can use a little trick, wrap the slices in plastic wrap from both sides. As a result, the square will have a side more than 7 cm.

Of squares necessary to form pumps, to do this, zaschipnut edges. To reveal a pocket in the middle, then there will be laid filling. The seam can brush them with egg, lest he crack up. Boats placed on a baking sheet, inside pour the peas or beans to keep the shape. And put in the oven at 220 degrees for about 20 minutes.

For the filling you will need 200 grams fish fillet, one egg, salt to taste and pepper, onion, mayonnaise.

Boats prepared from the pea can be empty. Boil the egg, fillet steamed or boiled, cut into small pieces. Onions small to chop. Slice the egg, all the ingredients mix and season to taste. To fill the filling with mayonnaise.

Boats to fill with stuffing and decorate with greens. Refreshments for the reception will turn out tasty and nutritious.

If you want to quickly cook snacks for New year we use pita bread. Delicious rolls can be prepared with different fillings. On a festive table it is best to cook with red fish. We need one pita bread, 400 grams and 200 grams of creamy cheese, olives.

Pita bread must be cut to shape was a rectangle. With salmon it is necessary to cut the skin, remove the seeds. The cream cheese should be soft to better putting. Salmon should be cut into sticks.

Now when all the ingredients are prepared, it is necessary to prepare rolls. Pita to grease with a layer of cream cheese, it is easy to spread with a knife. Then it is necessary to lay the fish pieces, leaving a centimetre from the edge without fish.

Next, the pita bread should be rolled into a roll, wrap with cling film and leave in the fridge. Before serving, cut it into rings and place on a dish, decorated with olives.

Every housewife knows the recipes of salads for the New year. using not only the simple things, like Olivier and Crab, but also trying to surprise their guests. For this purpose you can prepare a variety capape with ham, cheese, olives. Canapés always shatters with a Bang, and they’ll still be here for tomorrow.

Snacks for the New year can be prepared with crab sticks and pita bread, make a tasty rolls. We will need 200 g of crab sticks, three of pita bread, three eggs, and flavor with dill and mayonnaise. Spread sheet, grease it liberally with mayonnaise, sprinkle on top of greens and chopped egg, then sprinkle with the sliced crab sticks. Roll it into a log and wrap with foil. When he rises and is saturated roll can be cut into slices and serve. If after the holiday will remain the starter, it should be stored under cling film so as not zavetrilos.

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