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Meatloaf of pork with prunes

Pork roulade with prunes

To cook this delicious snack – roll with prunes that taste competes with Apple sirloin steak, and is perfect for new year’s table, will need only two ingredients, not counting spices and 5 minutes of your time! The hour and a half, until the loaf will be baked, doesn’t count, because at this time You will be able to go about their business – for example, to prepare for the New year something tasty, or to decorate yourself and home for the holiday.

Ingredients for meatloaf with prunes:

– 500-700 g pork seedless, with easy fat;

– 100 g of prunes without stones;

– salt, ground black pepper.

How to cook pork roulade with prunes:

To prepare the roulade even easier than the pork. because it is not necessary to shegovari spices.

Rinse the meat under running water, slightly dry and cut to form a wide layer, on which lay the prunes.

Turn the seam roll tightly.

And that is not untwisted and not getting enough sleep prune, top, wrap with thread.

RUB the rolls with salt and pepper and wrap in foil for baking foil, shiny side should be out.

Ukladyvaetsya in foil loaf in a deep pan, the bottom of which pour an inch of water and put in the oven on medium heat (about 180C).

Bake an hour and a half, depending on size of loaf. Periodically look into the oven and, if necessary, add some water.

Ready roll circulate through the apartment delicious flavor! Generally, meat with prunes always work out especially delicious, this gourmet dried fruit and gives pork, beef and chic taste and flavour, so home dish becomes a delicacy restaurant menu… even the chicken roast in a pot with prunes acquires new flavor notes.

Remove from the roll thread and cut its slices. Tasty meat dish ideal for a family dinner or for a festive table!

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