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Diet patients with psoriasis in exotic countries

In this article, we decided to touch on the topic of food in different countries you can go to relax people suffering from psoriasis. Of course, you can relax anywhere, but we decided to talk about exotic countries such as: Thailand, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, etc. the First and most important recommendation of our current dermatologists is not to overeat and to comply with necessary in Your diet. Of course, the local dish of the countries will seem insanely tempting, but not worth it to risk their own health for the sake of immediate pleasure.

So, what You can offer dishes:

1. Egg dishes

It is likely that at Breakfast You can enjoy a tempting egg dishes, such as fried eggs, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, but they will go with various fillings, such as mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and more. And for those suffering from psoriasis nutritionists allowed to eat boiled eggs no more than twice a week, but only do not fry them, but even if You eat eggs, then do not harmful to You various fillers.

A special place in the diet of only offer is baking. She looks so appetizing and seductive, and they include fresh fruit, and berries, and nuts, in almost every pastries include cinnamon and vanilla, because they grow in ekzoticheskaya. But I can cook familiar to us and pancakes, and pancakes served with jam, as well as they have in the presence of desserts, which are absolutely unnatural bright colors, no matter how sweet they all looked, but similar dishes are expressly prohibited for consumption all suffer from psoriasis and dermatitis and other chronic skin diseases.

3. Fried foods

You should know or remember that a significant proportion of all tourists in the above mentioned countries we will be visiting from China, South Korea or Japan, so most of cuisine is designed for Asia. It’s dishes such as rice and pasta, they overcooked with vegetables, eggs and a substantial amount of spices. Also in the diet may be chicken, meat or fish stewed under exotic sauces or fried, maybe even deep fried.

Similar dishes we offer all suffering from psoriasis patients around the other way and not be eaten (fried, smoked, sausages, etc.). May also be offered dishes that are boiled or steamed with no sauce. Poultry, and vegetables, and steam rice. These versions of the dishes are harmless and can be eaten, but for your own safety, we recommend you initially take a very small portion of the sample to determine whether You fit the dish, and after this, you can take a full serving and plenty to feast upon.

4. Seafood

The most tempting food in exotic countries can be your seafood, especially if You are generally a fan of fish food. Seafood is a wide range of dishes – be it dishes, ranging from conventional shrimp to lobster to giant size. However, we remind You that among the recommendations of nutritionists, patients with psoriasis and other skin diseases it is strictly forbidden to eat the shellfish, mussels, oysters, scallops, squid and crab, lobsters and shrimp.

You should not forget about the continuation of therapy ointments. The most updated preventive and therapeutic ointment is an innovation on the pharmaceutical market for psoriasis and other skin conditions – ointment Selipar!

Solimar completely safe in its application of the ointment which has been created exclusively from natural components, which does not cause allergic reactions and side effects, because it does not contain any toxic and harmful substances, and it contains no hormones, which is very important in the treatment of psoriasis. Among all aprobirovany ointment Solimar, reputation Masi holds a leading position as the most efcient and effective in combating skin diseases and reviews on the treatment of it very positive. Most psoriasis patients say that during the course of treatment Solipsism received the first positive results, which could not give other medicines.

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