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Best snack to vodka than you need to drink vodka

Vodka is good because it can be eaten with or just to relieve stress and lift your mood. But a mandatory part of alcohol drinking is a starter. And the more You decided to “abuse”, you should more carefully consider the menu to vodka. It can be drunk without snacks, but the culture of drinking vodka since the time of ancient Rus recommends become downright national snacks. And why experiment on yourself, because you can pre-decide which snack is the best.

Presents You options of snacks to vodka will soften the strength of the drink and will help to prevent excessive drinking, and most importantly will weaken the manifestation of a morning hangover, turning drinking vodka in the art and pleasure.

So, the best appetizer is:

1. Pickles. This dish has become a bestseller just by drinking vodka . Snack good all – fast and affordable. Guests are only “for”! Especially when the cucumbers prepared with spices with pepper, garlic, parsley and Laurel leaves, cherries and currants. And the brine from them – the most popular morning drink. Better than nothing will.

2. Rye bread. Its aroma can “kill” the smell of vodka, so it not only can eat, but to smell . This, of course, a purely Russian tradition, anywhere in the world no longer practice, but vodka in Russia lubambula than anywhere else. So not them and to challenge our methods. Just yummy it turns out, when the bread RUB with garlic and salt on top lightly sprinkle. But, the taste and color, as they say… the bread is fresh, fragrant, even slightly warm. Many don’t like to cut and break right from krauchi, they say it tastes better this way.

3. Boiled potatoes. Oh, good! And in “uniforms”, and purees, and slices. She will feed the table and decorate. Tasty and with butter and fried onions. Its greens and sprinkle garlic and can be refilled. But the vodka – so perfect.

4. Herring. This is the best fish for snacks. It is now possible not to salt, and buy already cut-up fillets in the store. It is sold with herbs and spicy, and “salmon” marinated, and with carrots, and bell peppers – the choice is huge. To her, opening a jar, just slice the onions, preferably large rings. Indifferent to this masterpiece of cooking will remain. 5. All kinds of sandwiches – with meat, fat, herring, cheese, red caviar, black and “foreign” marrow. The bread on the sandwiches need to choose fresh, slice it thinly. To prepare the dish in advance is not necessary that the appearance and taste are not lost. Sandwiches are perfect for any vodka, but that’s a very good snack they will be under homemade lemon vodka.

6. The fat part of vodka, and in all its manifestations – salted, smoked, fried, with onions, horseradish, garlic, herbs and spices. Contrary to all the myths that fat is easily digested, protects the stomach from “aggression” of alcohol and absolutely not fat. By the way, his first “tasted” not the Ukrainians, and the Italian slaves working in quarries. Of course, the fat and eat nice and not ashamed to submit.

7. Cabbage. Use mostly sour. This is a live source of vitamin C, and not only. Cabbage – it youth, longevity and an indispensable thing for women’s forms: unnecessary will not allow you to enter roundness where you want to save. Cabbage fermented in each house in its own way – with lingonberry and cranberry, lemon and carrot. The dish is not expensive, but gives you benefits and pleasure.

8. Pickled mushrooms. Perfect and potatoes, and sandwiches. Before the mushrooms were marinated for yourself, but now, as in the case of herring, the shop Windows are filled with lovely jars of honey mushrooms, chanterelles and boletus. Only “their” mushrooms, of course, tastier..

9. If You decided to drink vodka in nature, the perfect snack to it will become a kebab. It is prepared from any meat — lamb, pork, chicken or beef. Hot skewer through the many variations of meats and pickles a delicious way to complement your meal.

10. Traditionally in Russia the vodka was served soup. As strange as it sounds, but its presence is still not a festival

not spoiled. This, of course, is not the whole list of what you can drink vodka. They are very different – meat, fish and vegetable. And complement them in different ways. Meat snacks like ham and jelly need mustard or horseradish. Fish, such as caviar, smoked fish and the jelly will fit the peppers and onions. Vegetable dishes – pickled apples, salad and Solyanka beautiful and without refueling. And even as a snack to vodka to the table you can serve pancakes, dumplings or lemon with sugar.

It is worth remembering that fatty meals longer “renew” Your sobriety, and salt and acid will help to neutralize the harmful effects of alcohol on Your stomach.

Bad and not appropriate snacks for vodka are tomatoes, herbs and cheese. From them You will be vomiting. Sausage is not the best snack option – they cause a morning “hangover”.

The most enjoyable is that the “allowable” snacks can be combined to taste, to fully enjoy all the advantages of vodka.

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