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The history of the origin of the names of dishes – World facts

We all love to eat and there is nothing progressdialog. The main thing — do not overdo it. Now there are so many different dishes that simply do not count. And every day appear all new and new dishes. But in this article we would like to highlight a few popular dishes, but rather the origin of the names of dishes . known around the world.

So, the 12 Names of dishes — and 12 stories of origin:

Chicken Tabaka. Where did this strange name “the Chicken of tobacco”. Do the chicken before cooking powerfully naturepath? Or season it with tobacco? No. Everything is much easier. The dish itself is Georgian and it was prepared on the Georgian pan, which was called “Zilla Tanaka”. That is nothing there’s no tobacco, just the chicken was cooked together with spices in a special Georgian pan with a similar name. Before cooking the chicken was flattened in a special press until bones started to break.

Bloody Mary . Everyone knows that the cocktail “vodka with tomato juice”. Many people think that the cocktail was invented in Russia, but it is not. The authorship belongs to the French bartender Ferdinand Patio working in new York. Although the theory of the origin of the cocktail is still disputed. It is assumed that the cocktail was named after the Queen of England Mary I Tudor(1553-1558). Choose the British gave her the nickname Bloody Mary for her executions of Protestants.

Kebab . Everyone knows the barbecue? Of course everything. But few know whence the name. The name comes from the Turkic language in the XVII century and is literally translated as “Warcanoe meat” or “Meat on a spit”.

Sausage . The word is derived from the French word saucisse, which simply means “sausage”. But, an interesting fact is that the word saucisse comes from the word “salsicia”, which translates simply as “salinity”.

Sauce . The word is borrowed from the French language — sause, which at one time comes from the Latin word “salsa” — “salt product.”

Sugar . There generally all is simple. This word dates back from the ancient Indian “sarkara,” which means simply “sand”.

Damn . Tasty pancakes. Few people do not like this flat flour product. What it only not to eat: with cheese, with meat, with condensed milk, and cheese. with sour cream, with caviar and with with almost all. The word itself comes from the word “grinding”, i.e. “Mlyn” — a dish made from ground (flour).

Ketchup . One of the most popular sauces. This tomato sauce is suitable for many dishes and loved all over the world. But initially, ketchup was made not from tomatoes. The word came from Chinese and literally translates as (attention!) Fish sauce (Ke — fish, tchup sauce). Originally ketchup was made from anchovies. But when in XVII century China came the British traders, how much they liked the sauce that they spread on to it. However, over time, from the recipe of ketchup was completely removed the fish, but there were tomatoes. As a result, the original recipe has remained only the name.

Doctor’s sausage . The word sausage is literally translated as “roasted meat”. The meaning has long been distorted, but the fact remains. But why is one of the varieties of sausage called “Doctor”? Does it only eat the doctor? Doctor’s sausage was invented in the 30-ies of XX century it featured a lower-fat and manufactured according to GOST of pork, beef, milk, eggs and spices. Ie the product was diet, so sausage it was decided to call the doctor.

Caesar Salad . Many people know this salad with chicken, lettuce, sauce, etc. But many people think that this salad got its name in honor of the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. But it is not so. The recipe of this salad belongs to two brothers, Alex and Caesar Cardini, who owned an Italian restaurant in the United States. Initially, the salad was called “Aviator” (Alex was a pilot) and included anchovies, but later Caesar Cardini removed the anchovies and slightly changed the recipe and renamed the salad after himself.

Sandwich . Everyone knows that the sandwich is the bread, on top of which is another ingredient (butter, condensed milk, honey, meat, bacon, fish, caviar, etc.). But it’s now a plethora of different sandwiches. The word itself comes from German and literally translates as “Bread and butter” (Butter — butter, Brot — bread).

Soup . This beet soup is especially prevalent in the CIS countries. It is believed that the word borscht comes from the old Slavic word “byrde”, which translates as beets. But actually this is no evidence of such and old Slavic words is not fixed. But what really fixed, this is what the soup actually was not prepared beetroot and Hogweed, due to which it got its name. Later the Hogweed was removed and the beetroot added.

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