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Exotic cuisine what is it?

Two decades ago, when our country was behind the “Iron Curtain” and the other States, we knew only that they are all potential enemies, the question about the exotic dishes was standing in front of very few. About the culinary preferences of the inhabitants of distant countries information were fewer and were based mainly on hearsay, for example, the fact that Koreans (as well as their neighbors the Chinese, Japanese, etc.) eat dogs.

Now our citizens can move freely around the world, enjoying not only fine scenery, but also traditional kitchen remote corners of our planet. Exotic kitchen .

Generally, the word “exotic” means something specific to a particular country or area, but unusual for others. Thus, virtually any dish of national cuisine of one country can be considered exotic for a resident of another, although in reality many of the dishes in the neighbouring countries is very similar, and the abundance of traditional Italian, Chinese, Mexican and other ethnic restaurants brings the cuisine of these countries from grade outlandish.

So it turns out that for modern man is first of all something unusual, regardless of its territorial affiliation. If we talk about the kitchen, then our country can be considered exotic dishes from tropical fruit plants (mango, avocado, kiwi, coconut, papaya,and others), meat of sea creatures (shrimp, squid), as well as traditional for other remote countries, but unusual for our mentality dishes such as sushi, dishes from insects and inedible traditionally in our country organs (reproductive organs, eyes, etc.).

Probably, to exotic dishes include many cocktails, often based on alcoholic preferences of the inhabitants of distant countries, although these drinks have already received international fame and recognition.

Recommend: the Occurrence of Japanese cuisine

The world of Japanese cuisine has a very long history, which has its own traditions and customs. Kitchen Japan are varied and useful. Japanese cuisine is worldwide. To learn more about Japanese cuisine, one must turn to its history.

The first settlers had to go to the fish. They went around the different Islands to find myself something to eat. Found different fungi, mosses and algae, which are not known to the present day. Lack of food helped them to see that we need to cherish what they have on the table. In Japanese cuisine to this day you can see fish, vegetables, seaweed. At the time, ancient Japanese, so that products are not spoiled, learned how to use natural refrigerators. It was the pit which had a depth of three meters. Meat that had value for quite a while they smoked.

Want to taste real Japanese dishes? Now you can order rolls in Yekaterinburg and around the clock with home delivery!

When archaeology made excavations in Japan, they were very surprised that the Japanese knew so well the properties of used products. Currently people associated Japan with the rice. To start with the rice people started in the 3rd century ad. On the table the Japanese rice was the main dish. In the NINETEENTH century was considered by the samurai a lot of rice so he’s rich. Every year the Japanese eat about 180 liters of rice. B how much time passes always the main dish will be rice.

Nowadays increasing popularity of Japanese cuisine. The Japanese believe that food should be healthy. Perhaps, in that they eat a healthy diet, the Japanese live long. Japanese cuisine is very different from the others. In this kitchen you need to be able to pick the right products, the beauty of the dishes served. The aim of the chefs, the food has not lost its taste and properties. So they cook the rice without any spices, but fish prefer to eat raw. Japanese cuisine was gradually completed in the Western kitchen. The Japanese have no candy, and only candy chagasi.

It is believed that Japanese cuisine came with the arrival in Japan of rice. Legend has it that the rice was brought by the deity Inari-sama. All this happened 2500 years ago. Favorite Japanese dish is sushi. It was served on the table with chopsticks, called Hashi. They came to Japan from China. Around the world there is a Japanese cuisine. It can be not just eat in the restaurant and at home. Very popular now ordering sushi at home. So if you wanted to eat sushi, You don’t have to go to Japan. Because You can enjoy Japanese dishes at home or just go to the restaurant, which is located in Your city.

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