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The worst food in the world
It does not say, and want to eat Asia is famous for its culinary preferences, and can always surprise the tourists with a variety of delicacies, spicy and fragrant delicious…

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The worst food in the world

It does not say, and want to eat

Asia is famous for its culinary preferences, and can always surprise the tourists with a variety of delicacies, spicy and fragrant delicious dishes. But you need to be prepared for the fact that in some countries or even regions you will be faced with such terrible food, not what to eat, even look hard to make, especially for an inexperienced European. However, some of these “terrible” dishes can still be found in Europe or America.

Top of the most terrible meals of the world

Eyes just gigantic, slimy in appearance and not at all condusive to a good meal, opens a rating of the most terrifying delicacies, humouring the desires of gourmets. It is a miracle of culinary art can only be found in Japan that is not a reason for disappointment. The only possible way to eat that slime-covered glass-like thing immediately to swallow, once it hit you in the mouth, and to try more of her not to remember. Otherwise the consequences will be very predictable.

10. Bloody broth

Looking at the plate, not to recall scenes from horror movies. But the Laotians really don’t think so, Namina portion for the portion of jelly-bloody chunks. If you still want to taste bloody terrible food, go to the Phousy market in Luang Prabang.

Even though it blagoustraivaetsya even in the vastness of our country, a special distribution has not received, for obvious reasons. However, some companies produce canned food that contains the aforementioned delicacy, soaked in milk. So to speak, for gourmets who wish to experience the full flavor palette of Asian cuisine. According to the data specified on the label, the product contains 3500 milligrams of cholesterol, and it is neither more nor less, and 1170% of the recommended daily dose nutritionists.

Worthy replenishment of the Top of the most terrible dishes. Scary for us, but not for residents of the southern part of China, in butcher’s shops which you can often see this delicacy, hanging along with other kinds of meat.

7. Bats

Review of brave souls who dared to try out one of the most expensive dishes Fiji, it resembles the taste of chicken meat. To eat a few boiled shrivelled carcasses, you need to first get rid of the fear of bats. Animals that are, to say the least, not conducive to sympathy.

For me, if it’s not the worst food in the world, certainly the most vile. Duck egg with polypharmaceutical in it the fruit, cooked and served everyone. This exotic food is very popular in Cambodia, especially among men. Cambodian men believe that crisp has had time to fledge, with the beak, cartilage, immature chick is able to increase virility.

5. Boiled sheep’s head

It looks very terrible food, but it can still be used. Meat after all. This beautiful dish is the decoration of the table in Iran, Iraq and even in Kazakhstan. The right to cut the sheep’s head is given to the oldest and most respected family member.

4. Seal, stuffed seagulls

One of the finest dishes subarctic peoples, put on the Christmas table. Civiak, the so-called carcass of a seal, stuffed seagulls, and here’s its recipe for those who want to enjoy. Need headless seal carcass, trimmed of the belly which is filled already plucked gulls. Prefabricated to fit seven months in the permafrost. During this time the enzymes decaying bird corpses will bother with seal guts. The dish is ready to eat. To taste simsecret winged and pinnipeds like the sharp, sharp old cheese.

3. Kutty PI – the embryo of a goat

And again the embryos are allowed to appeal to fans of terrible food. This time it’s the embryos of domestic animals, mainly goats. The dish is common in India among the descendants of mixed marriage between the British and Indians. To this day, they are not accepted by Indian society and forced to exist in separate communes, in which there is a mixed Indian-British culinary preferences.

2. Wine infused mice

The process of making liqueurs is that a bottle of rice wine is placed three-day pups, not yet had time to “fledge”, and as such, the wine languish year, mixing “flavors.” Mouse wine is popular in Korea and some parts of it is even used as medicine.

1. Rotten shark meat

Rotten to the last cell of the meat giant Greenland shark, called “hakarl,” the most terrible and disgusting food for the unprepared person. Exuding fragrance zahoranova public toilet, hakarl is of two kinds: rotten muscle rotten to the core and from the stomach. Jota looks terrible delicacy quite harmless, like diced cheese. In Greenland, hakarl is packaged, as we have salted fish or squid to beer. Spicy taste and very strong smell not interfere with this dish to be a welcome treat at the Christmas table modern Viking.

Thank God, in our latitudes such terrible food can not see them in restaurant menus or for a festive wedding tables. We have dear guests, it is customary to potevate bread and salt a bit of sugar to the meat and cabbage rolls. Every celebration, holiday, and certainly a wedding is not complete without the “instigators”. He will cheer, and drink, and eat all at once will not give. This toastmaster is Vladimir Merkushev. Leading an extravagant wedding. working in the entertainment industry for over 10 years, will make your holiday unforgettable.

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