The history of the origin of the names of dishes - World facts
We all love to eat and there is nothing progressdialog. The main thing — do not overdo it. Now there are so many different dishes that simply do not count.…

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Dishes for the new year - recipes of salads, appetizers, sandwiches
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The most expensive things in the world

Imagine the most expensive things in the world. What could it be? Gold? Diamonds? Heroin? Yes, Yes, you are right, but it’s only three points. Today, there are a lot of insanely expensive metals, stones, products and substances used in various fields of our life.

19. White Truffles: $5/gram or $2 000/per pound White truffle is a seasonal mushroom that adorned his presence almost any dish. It is added in and all sorts of salad dressings.

18. Saffron: $11,13/gram, or $5 040/lb Saffron – yellow or red petals of Crocus (saffron), covered with pollen. Saffron as a spice used for many centuries not only in cooking but also in medicine.

17. Iranian Beluga caviar: $35/gram, or $1,000/ounce That means $ 16,000 a pound. This delicacy from the Caspian sea to eat small portions on crackers or bread.

16. Gold: $38,81/gram Since time immemorial, gold is synonymous with jewelry. This soft, non-reactive metal is also used for electrical conductivity and helps in resisting corrosion. Even gold is a key ingredient in some expensive food and cosmetic products.

15. Rhodium:$45/gram, $1 270/oz Rhodium is mainly used in the automotive industry for the manufacture of automotive catalysts.

14. Platinum: $48/gram, $1 365/oz Platinum is used as catalyst in various scientific experiments and as a component of certain drugs aimed at fighting cancer.

13. Rhino horn: $55/gram, $25 000/lb is One of the reasons why rhinos are endangered species, it’s their horn. People continue to exterminate these animals, so how about the miraculous properties of their horns is legendary. Someone, not going into details simply tell about its medicinal properties. Some argue that Rhino horn can cure cancer.

12. Creme de La Mer: $70/gram, $2 000/oz

They say the doctor initially, NASA invented this cream as a remedy for burns. At the moment, creme de La Mer, the main component of which is algae, is intended to turn the aging process backwards. However, with a price tag of 70 dollars per gram seems to be cheaper to accept aging than to buy this beauty the time machine in a jar.

11. Heroin: High quality heroin can cost about $110/gram of High-quality heroin – expression, of course, paradoxical. Given the fact, how many lives destroyed by this drug, he still remains very popular. Heroin is an opiate which is in a frenzied desire to buzz someone smokes, someone sniffs, and someone stabs. Know all the “side effects” in the form of convulsions, coma and, eventually, death.

10. Methamphetamine: $120/gram, $1 600/oz is Another, cause euphoria, is popular drug, crystal meth, is highly addictive.

8. LSD: In crystal form for around $3 000/gram Diethylamide d-lysergic acid or LSD is shorter and more familiar, also “acid”. The movement of the 60s hippie and in particular Timothy Leary made the drug extremely popular. The buzz from LSD comes in the form of visual hallucinations.

7. Plutonium: about $4,000 per gram in fact, there are several kinds of radioactive plutonium, the half-lives ranging from 88 years to 80 million years. Nuclear industry uses plutonium as one of materials for construction of space ships. Well, of course it is used in nuclear weapons.

6. Taaffeite: between 2 500$ and 20 000$ per carat (1 carat = 0.2 grams) precious Color of this mineral ranges from subtle pale pink to deep lilac. They say that Taaffeite a million times more rare than diamond. Deposits of this rare charms are located mainly in Sri Lanka. It is somewhat softer, familiar gems, and used exclusively in jewelry.

5. Tritium: the $30,000/gram Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, heavy hydrogen, used in sources of illumination, for example, in ubiquitous inscription “exit”.

4. Diamonds: a $13,000/carat, $65 000/gram of Diamonds, the most popular choice of stone for engagement rings. In addition, diamond is also known for its extraordinary hardness that has been successfully used in the manufacture of cutting tools.

3. Panic: $300 000-600 000 per carat Gemologists believe that panic is the rarest stone on the planet. It has a dark pink color closer to brown, but looking at it from different angles you can see a lot of other shades. Called this the rarest stone in honor of the British mineralogist Arthur Payne, who discovered the mineral in the 1950s in Northern Myanmar.

2. California 252: $27 million/gram of California is mainly used in the search for other substances. Using neutron activation analysis, California can help detect deposits of gold and silver ores. It can also determine the levels of oil and water in oil wells.

1. Antimatter: $100 trillion per gram, All this is hypothetical because so far mankind has not learned to use antimatter for their needs. But the supposed area is a kind of fuel for long distance space travel.

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