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Quick & delicious: dishes for 10 min.

The high pace of modern life makes on us. Modern housewife often no time to linger in the kitchen, trying to cook a complex dinner from three dishes. They strive to feed the whole family easy, quick, healthy and delicious. Therefore, the question of what to cook quick and tasty – one of the most vital.

Of course, you can eat ready meals from the supermarket or only in the cafe or dining rooms, but for families it is unprofitable, and unprofitable for the budget. And not necessary, because a quick and tasty can cook a variety of dishes.

Quick meals needed for each meal: for Breakfast, for lunch and for dinner.

Everyone has thought that it is possible to prepare quick and tasty for Breakfast, along with toast, or scrambled eggs. Everyone’s wondering how 20 minutes for lunch to make a tasty hot dish. And every woman like to have in their repertoire are some recipes for tasty and quick dinners, after which all the household would be satisfied. In addition, the recipes and should not contain scarce or exotic products, that is to be affordable for any budget.

Today there are many quick dishes, which can significantly diversify your culinary Arsenal.

In this section we have collected all the ingredients, you can prigotovitsya and delicious Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Delicious recipes appear on the web every day. However, many of the recipes involve a small amount of time cooking. However, the technology of preparation of this dish can be and not too light, suitable for Housewives of the middle level, however, cooking will not take much time.

Delicious quick meals can include some products of the basic food basket, for example, tongue, shrimp, other marine reptiles, expensive mushrooms and so on. Quick meals often also require baking, frying, stewing. Just the technology of preparation, preparation and actual cooking is not time consuming. In addition, fast recipes often reveal useful secrets.

Given the fact that we constantly deal with the lack of time resources, to cook quickly and eat something for lunch, Breakfast or dinner, becomes a necessity. Today almost no hostess can afford from morning till night to stand at the stove, as it was in ancient times. So for you we have prepared a separate section with articles covering the topic of what can be prepared quickly and delicious.

Breakfast is recommended not to ignore all scientists and doctors. We have compiled dozens of recipes healthy Breakfast that you can eat to boost your energy and excellent mood for the whole day. After reviewing the list of dishes for Breakfast, you will no longer wonder what to cook quick and tasty.

Lunch in the Soviet period the us consisted of three dishes: the first, second and compote. Today’s lunch is muffins, or food in the dining room, or just a main course. Here you can find recipes for both the first and second dishes that can be prepared in a very short time.

The second course is the Foundation of any meal. And don’t always require a large amount of time to cook it. Some meat dishes are prepared very quickly, the same goes for fish dishes, and dishes from poultry. In addition, the second dish can be prepared several days.

Dinner, according to recent studies, it is not necessary to give any foe, or simply skip. Optional not to eat dinner after the proverbial six hours, if the right to distribute the number of incoming calories throughout the day. You will learn how quick and tasty to cook dinner, so that it did not affect the size of the hips and abdomen.

In this section you will find recipes for cooking which requires a matter of minutes. However, the dishes presented here can be considered a full-fledged, useful for the organism. We collected recipes of snacks, recipes sweets, hot meals and so on.

Remember that for lunch you can afford cereals and meat, and for Breakfast – dessert. In the evening it is better to prefer protein dishes and vegetables (for example, beef with stewed vegetables and mushrooms).

Even if after work you are very tired, no need to buy fast food or to put on the stove a pot of water for ravioli. To make chicken breast with cream sauce and cheese along with green beans can at the same time as going to be the same ravioli or dumplings, but good for the body chicken with vegetables will bring significantly more.

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