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6 most unusual national dairy foods – Library tourist

Milk and its derivatives are widely used in kitchens all over the world as stand-alone products. There and protein, and calcium and phosphorus, and vitamins, and polyunsaturated fatty acids…

In the media regularly appear sensational articles about “recently discovered by scientists” the dangers of this product, are replaced after some period of time not less sensational articles about its incredible benefits and healing properties. Understandable — is also “newly discovered” by those same ignorant scientists.

Nevertheless, people around the world milk gladly drank, drink, and apparently to drink will cease not soon.

Such different milk

Of course, you know that eat not only cow, goat and sheep milk. Milked in different countries horses, Buffalo, camels, donkeys, female yaks and reindeer…

In addition, is widely used for cooking milk, as such, are not actually named and solely due to external and sometimes taste similarity: soy, for example, or coconut, poppy seed, almond, pine, hemp.

In the milk stand fish, meat and liver before frying, it serves pancakes, omelets, soups, cereals and jellies, it is stewed vegetables and mushrooms, add it to tea and coffee… Recycled milk butter, kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt, cream, fermented baked milk, cheese, sour cream, ice cream and even creates a huge field for the imagination of the cooks.

Recipes from around the world

Dairy dishes in culinary history have many Nations, each nation has found its own unique recipe with the national colors and distinctive taste.

For example, in Russia the nobles have long been in poppy milk boiled down black caviar, not to mention the fact that cow’s milk of “whitening” variety of dishes. Ukraine and Belarus with pancakes extremely popular “white mochanka” from a mixture of milk with cottage cheese and sour cream. The Buryats according to the custom of “sagala” it is with dairy foods started every festive reception. In Europe invented the gentle dairy desserts (Panna cotta, blancmange) and cheese.

Many Eastern peoples tonic drink kumis from fermented Mare’s milk and green tea with milk and butter. In the southern countries there are lots of varieties cold soups of sour milk and fresh vegetables. In the Caucasus have become very popular delicious sauces on the basis of fermented milk (sour milk, suzma, Kurt, Chor tan), diluted meat broth with herbs. And in some Asian countries the blood of animals mixed with fresh milk in different proportions — there it is considered a very sophisticated dish.

But it’s all well-known facts, and pickles. We have collected for you 6 recipes for the most interesting, strange, unusual or exotic dairy foods from around the world that can cause as remarkable a burst of appetite, and confusion or even disgust at some. However, all it really eat, so learn about them will, we believe, interesting!

1. Arak or milk vodka (Mongolia. Kazakhstan. Buryatia)

Vodka about 30 degrees of the fortress prepared by multiple distillations from fermented Mare’s or much cow’s milk with added bacterial culture.

2. Onion-milk pudding (France )

The usual onion soup, I think, tried many. What do you think about onion-dairy product? Say, very tasty! And prepared simply – dipped in milk slices of white bread laid thick-thick layer of stewed onions, pour the milk-egg mixture, sprinkle with grated cheese and baked in the oven.

3. Pasig Brehme (Khakassia)

This delicacy is nothing like steamed milk foam. In the cooking process in a pot of slowly boiling milk throw ground the roots of certain plants, enabling the formation of a thick layer of foams to 3-4 cm tall. It is removed, pressed under the yoke and freeze, and then treated to slices of the most expensive guests.

4. Cheese Casu Marzu (Italy )

The famous “rotten cheese” are very simple. In sour sheep’s milk cheese adds the larvae of flies, which actively promote its decomposition and fermentation. Ready and serve the cheese with these same larvae, which will be fun to jump on the plate and the table during eating.

5. Stinky tofu (China )

To cook bean curd-tofu fermented with rotting herbs and vegetables, and the mixture needs to ferment for several weeks, after which it was roasted and served at the table. The smell is incredible. This popular appetizer you will be able to enjoy in almost any Asian country. Dish even has the “your day” — March 8!

6. Pork brains in milk (USA )

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