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Top 9 most expensive cheese in the world

Good cheese is valued at the level of good chocolate or wine. The presence of high varieties of cheeses gives a special status to the table and is a symbol of good taste. Regular cheese is easy to find in supermarkets at very affordable prices, but you can’t compare it with real cheese homemade.

The first unequivocal mention of the cheese production was in Kujawy, Poland, and refers to 5500 BC earlier findings represent pieces of ceramic vessels with holes around the perimeter, found near the Swiss lake neuchâtel. And even though their exact application is unknown, scientists speculate that they served as filters for cheese. By the heyday of the Roman Empire, cheese was an everyday dish. After his fall, the cheese production moved to the UK, France and Italy, where he experienced a personal Renaissance.

Today, experts estimate, there are more than 700 kinds of local cheeses in the UK and over 400 in France and Italy. Nowhere in the world so do not worship the cheese, as in France. This is the Motherland of such famous cheeses as Camembert and brie. There is even a local saying which States that in France there are different types of cheese for every day of the year.

The first factory for the industrial production of cheese was built in 1815 in Switzerland, since the mass production of cheese has become a common phenomenon. But over the last thirty years prozessanalyse boom in the revival of elite varieties of homemade cheese, especially appreciated by gourmets. Below we will look at nine of the most expensive cheeses in the world.

9. Beaufort D’ete – $ 35

Made in the French Alps, this luxurious, melting in the mouth cheese, is often preferred by lovers of fondue. It matches perfectly with salmon and wine and is well known for its creamy and slightly sharp smell. In the cool cellars of this cheese Matures for 6-12 months. One pound of cheese will cost you $ 35.

8. Gorau Glas – $ 40

The cheese with blue veins literally burst into the world of gourmands. It was first prepared on a small Welsh farm and sold at a price of 27 pounds per kilogram. Today its price is 40 dollars per pound. Cheese was invented by Margaret Davis on the farm, Anglesey, Wales. The woman was fond of cheese-making, the course, originally intended to her son.

7. Very old Bitto cheese – $ 150

This Italian cheese has been purchased at a price of $ 150 for one pound a Hong Kong importer, which had hoped to gain for him a lot of money in China, despite the fact that this product is not as popular there as in Europe and North America. A 20-pound head cheese, bought by him, was significantly older than the usual cheeses. The cheese was manufactured in 1997, although, as a rule, the normal maturation of these cheeses is 10 years.

6. Wyke Farms Vintage Cheddar – $ 190

Be prepared for the fact that the price of this cheese may cause you a shock. Decorated with truffles and gold leaf, this classic cheese will cost you 190 dollars a pound. The manufacturer of this cheese has won many awards in the field of cheese-making, which allowed him to add a little luxury to the good old classics.

5. Clawson Stilton Gold – $ 450

Don’t worry, the cheese is so expensive, most of its value is real gold liqueur and edible gold. One pound of this cheese is $ 450. The cheese itself is a Christmas treat for the rich Arab sheikhs and famous pop stars.

4. The Elk House cheese – $ 455

Cheese made from moose milk – a real oddity, and those farmers who have been producing this cheese, it can expose him for the price that you see fit. Elk farm House is located in Burholme, Sweden. Farmers Christer and Ulla Johansson contain three moose cows, giving milk. Every year one moose can give only 300 liters of milk, so the price per pound of cheese from such milk is about $ 455. To taste this unique cheese in the Algen Hus restaurant in Sweden.

3. Cheese Pool – $ 600

If what you are looking for is quite rare and, besides, it’s in demand, you can be sure that this thing will cost you a round sum. In the same way things are when it comes to the cheese Pool. Made from the milk of Balkan donkeys, this cheese is decorated with a price tag of 600 dollars a pound. Pricing plays an important role a small number of donkeys that are able to produce milk for cheese, in addition, the milking process is accompanied by great difficulties. There are only a hundred female Balkan donkeys, and the manufacture just 1 kilogram of cheese requires 25 liters of milk.

2. Caciocavallo Podolico – $ 650

At an average price of $ 650 per pound, this Italian cheese is widely known not only for its taste, but also expensive. Although its name means literally “horse cheese”, nothing to do with horses, he has not. Cheese is made from milk very rare breed of cow called the Podolica, which are bred in the South of Italy. In the summer months, the cows are led away to the mountains, where they feast on strawberries, blueberries and cherries. This diet gives the cheese an elegant fruity aroma.

1. Frome Cheese Platter – 3 $ 300

This luxurious collection of cheeses, including all instruments and trays, will cost you 3 $ 300. This cheese plate was exposed to the public at the Frome Cheese show in Somerset, England. The total cost of sernity and wooden boards for cheese was 1 200 USD, the rest is accounted for by the cheeses themselves.

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