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Dishes for the new year – recipes of salads, appetizers, sandwiches

The new year just around the corner and many are already festive menu and are looking for new recipes. On the table want to put not only delicious, but beautifully decorated with festive meals. Each of us is faced with the eternal question that to prepare for the new year holiday, how to cook certain Christmas dishes. Someone is planning a festive table consisting of a traditional and already well-known for New year’s dishes, someone on the contrary wants to make something original. And of course, new year’s eve menu depends on whether there will be children at the celebration (so discusses specific recipes for kids) or will only adults.

In Western countries, people are looking for new Christmas cookie recipes. Our own countrymen, as a rule, more thoroughly solve the question, so looking for hot recipes of new year dishes. In any case new year’s eve menu must be drafted so that family and friends were a true delight from ethoheptazine. Therefore, if there are any recipes that you have not prepared, it is time to put them on the new year’s holiday.

Many Housewives want to decorate Christmas table, according to the Eastern calendar, namely all the signs of a talisman of the coming year and the elements, under the auspices of which the product the next 365 days. The mascot of next year, according to Chinese horoscope, is a blue wooden horse .

This means that the table should be an abundance of vegetable dishes. And they should be appropriate designed in the form of horses or horseshoes. Also future mascot like different layered salads .

Also not be amiss to put on the table a dish of chopped greens.

Who is preparing the Christmas menus in full accordance with the Eastern calendar, you need to remember that the upcoming year is the year of blue wooden horse. And while astrologers thoroughly approach to the compilation of the calendar for next year, we will help you thoroughly prepare for a festive menu on New year’s day .

Since the preparation for the celebration of New year in itself is a troublesome task, one should care to recipes for new year menu . The main rule menu reads as follows: the dishes will please this wonderful animal. Therefore, it is obligatory menu should include a few salads. Salads, as well as other dishes should hold a carrot. apples. then there are those products who love horses.

Oats and biscuits

It is also known that these animals are very fond of oats . therefore, at least one recipe for the New year should be prepared using oats. Horses will enjoy the dishes of oatmeal and cereal, for example can be quite Vienna or bake oatmeal cookies . And you can cook oatmeal or just pastries oatmeal. Oatmeal cookies, which loves children, will come in handy for new year’s table.

The so-called “Zoological” cookies can be used as decoration for salads or cake. By the way, in no case, on new year’s table must be present dishes made of horse meat . At the same time, if the table will be a Mare . then good luck in the year of the horse is guaranteed. For meat dishes for the new year use a vegetable garnish.

Fish and mushrooms, also perfectly suited to new year’s eve menu. Also perfect with sweet dishes based on apples (pies, cakes, casseroles), in which it can add to taste honey, nuts, whole or ground, and dried fruits (the raisins. the dried apricots. the prunes. candied fruit, etc.).

You need to consider one more thing for the new year. The coming year is the year of the blue horse . so, the table should be blue. This color dishes can give red cabbage, used in a salad. Also need a “blue” color to the dishes will add eggplant, stuffed with carrots for example, or simply in the form of eggs, or even a julienne of eggplant. Of course, every dish should be decorated with herbs – dill or parsley.

The recipes for the new year were not only cooked correctly, but also quickly it is better to use Christmas recipes posted specifically for the year, we picked up the desired recipes . No matter you are planning to cook a complex creative cuisine or prefer the traditional new year’s eve menu, we hope our recipes will help you make the Christmas dishes are really tasty.

The coming year blue wooden horse will bring you joy as early as January 1, because the members of your family and friends will be impressed by your culinary skills. Don’t forget to think up the appropriate names of the dishes festive menu, it will be interesting not only for you but also for your guests.

On our site presents the best recipes of new year dishes wide variety of recipes, exotic or seemingly such familiar dishes with which any hostess will be able to please their home in such a glorious feast.

All the more so for the New Year, almost immediately followed by another holiday – Orthodox Christmas, which should set the table.

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