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Summer dishes

Summer dishes always prepared with fresh, light foods. Usually in summer the menu is quite a lot of cold dishes. Interesting summer recipes will definitely bring a touch of the unusual to your typical summer food.

Our body in the warm period needs the active consumption of nutrients from natural foods, because he needs to accumulate vitamins for the coming cold season.

In hot weather we don’t really want to spoil yourself with borscht or soup, warm pasta, mayonnaise heavy salads, lasagna and so on. In addition, in the summer you want to eat seasonal food, which is fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms.

All over the world popular cold summer soups. In Russia in the first place love the soup, green cabbage soup. Also today quite popular gazpacho – very simple and tasty soup originating from Spain. In the summer you can dine just cold fruit soup.

Summer recipes be sure to include various ways of preparing barbecue, as well as all meals for a picnic, which you can think of. Of course, not talking about summer outside of the context of ice cream, it can be prepared at home, and it will be much tastier than what you can find in the store.

You also need to remember about the various latinapics. Summer is the perfect to drink fruit drinks, soft drinks, juices, kvass and various cold cocktails.

In the summer of Thrifty Housewives make jam with seasonal berries and jams from the fruits, freeze for the winter vegetables and mushrooms, canned or these products. Popular summer dishes of mushrooms, and a light roast.

Preferably in the warm season not to deprive yourself of the opportunity to eat it on a summer menu. A large number of summer dishes, recipes with Photos for each day you will find in this section of the site. What do you prefer to feed yourself and your loved ones good hostess in the summer?

Summer what to cook first?

In the head immediately come light soups, which was mentioned in the beginning of this section. Okroshka, beetroot, beetroot soup, gazpacho, and many others delicious cold soups. In the heat of the hot, nourishing broths practically impossible, so it is great to help out the summer recipes of soups.

In addition, in cold soups do not use components past a minimal amount of processing (usually), which means that the major quantity of useful vitamins, minerals in these soups saved.

Important for those who saves the figure, what is summer soups are usually not very high in calories, which means our body does not threaten the increase of extra pounds.

Summer recipes from light salads to your table

In the summer, the first place is using from the large quantity of fresh vegetables and herbs. These recipes are better to bring in a piggy Bank. In the warm time want to rid the body of many toxins accumulated over the winter, as well as how to save up vitamins. So in the summer, of course, is to do green salads containing vegetables, herbs, and ripe fruit.

To fill our “vitamin bomb” best homemade sauces or simple vegetable or olive oil. Also as a dressing perfect lemon juice, unsweetened yoghurt, mustard sauce.

The kebabs – the Central dish of the summer

Summer – time picnics, camping, the lake, at the dacha. And at such events, the barbecue usually takes a key place.

Kebabs, or meat on the grill can make even those who don’t have strong culinary skills. However, if you follow all recommendations given in our recipes, we will be able to create a very good dish.

Using the information contained in our instructions, you will be able to prepare the marinade for barbecue, good to fry it on the coals, to lay the table appropriate for the case. Also in this section you will find recipes for delicious snacks that are perfect for meat and for beer (the companion of barbeque, in a sense).


Summer dishes are incredibly varied. Here’s a dessert you can get a slight vitamin pleasure. Desserts – sweets, like ice cream. Ice cream or sorbet can be prepared right in your kitchen, is beautiful to serve, garnish with fruit, pour syrup. Also for dessert in the summer suit different jellies, pudding, fruit soups, salads, smoothies. A lot of options, they are not very difficult to prepare, contain vitamins and are perfect for feeding and thirst, and hunger.

Drink recipes for summer

Time to get the juicer out of mothballs! A variety of juices, smoothies, lemonades, fruit drinks, cocktails made from seasonal vegetables and fruit will not leave anyone indifferent.

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