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Meatless meals – recipes

Meatless and vegan recipes

This page contains all vegan and meatless recipes without animal products. This section will be constantly updated. Not to miss new recipes meatless dishes.

Meatless recipes:

Meatless (vegan) entrees:

Soup of chickpeas with broccoli

Soup of Masha with vegetables (don’t add sour cream)

Cold soup Gazpacho with watermelon

Vegetarian Solyanka

Soup-puree from beet (do not add cream)

Pumpkin soup with celery

Pea soup meatless

Wave soup (recipe with spinach)

Soup-puree zucchini

Beet soup with red lentils

Soup with red lentils

Pickle with olives

Vegetarian (meatless) meatball soup


Carrot soup

Lentil soup

Soup with waving and brown rice

Meatless (vegan) storyblue:

Sauteed eggplant

Baked potatoes with tomatoes

Vegetable stew with broccoli (sour cream do not add)

Rice with vegetables (add cheese or substitute tofu)

Rice with peppers and carrots

Beans in tomato sauce

Vegetarian (meatless) vegetable omelette without breaking eggs

Vegetarian pilaf with chickpeas

Pilaf with quinces

Meatless vegetarian pilaf

Buckwheat with vegetables (do not add cheese)

Lobio of beans

Dumplings with cherry

Quinoa with vegetables

Jacket potatoes, baked in the oven

The rolls steamed with radish (instead of butter take vegetable oil)

Steamed rolls with chickpeas and vegetables

Rice with poppy seeds (butter be replaced with vegetable)

Boiled potatoes, baked in the oven

Spicy potatoes with lentils

Cabbage stewed with beans

Potatoes with cabbage in the oven

Tasty buckwheat

Meatless baked beans

Fried celery

Wheat porridge with a stew of soy meat (cook in vegetable oil)

Brussels sprouts with sweet carrot (use vegetable oil)

Rice with spinach

Stewed potatoes with vegetables and coconut milk

Wild rice with pearl barley and vegetables


The sweet potato with lentils

Rice with cabbage


Yakisoba noodle Japanese soy meat (for cooking use vegetable oil instead of butter)

Beshbarmak – Tatar dish (frying use vegetable oil instead of butter)

A dish of red cabbage, and carrots baked in the oven

A dish of chickpeas with peppers

Vegetable stew with beets

Stewed potatoes with tomato paste

Potatoes with green peas

Wonton, or Chinese dumplings

Zucchini baked with vegetables and rice

Stew of eggplant

Cauliflower with tomatoes (sour cream do not add, are very tasty)

Rice with cashews

Vegetables, baked in the oven in foil

Meatless (vegan) snacks:

Vegetarian rolls or Maki-sushi

Cauliflower in batter

Fried potato rolls – aloo Patras

Indian fried balls of vegetables

Zucchini fritters with potatoes

Zucchini fritters

Fritters artichoke

Vegetarian (meatless) stuffed peppers

Peppers stuffed with vegetables and rice

Vegetarian “fried fish” (instead of Adyghe cheese, use tofu)

Buckwheat patties

Croquettes of lentils

Potato balls with soy mince

Seitan — vegetarian meat made of flour

Vegetarian “roast” of seitan

Cutlets of lentils

Vegetarian meatballs in tomato sauce

Cabbage rolls with eggplant (instead of milk take water or soy milk)

Stuffed cabbage NAPA cabbage

Meatless stuffed cabbage with couscous

Vegetarian lentil patties with spinach

Pea fritters

Pumpkin fried in a pan

Baked pumpkin

Cutlets of lentils with bread and vegetables (bread soaked in water)

Mini-cutlets with cauliflower (potatoes butter not to put)

Aubergine rolls

Vegan (vegetable) red caviar

Vegetarian patties

Lean meatballs “Hedgehogs”

Green beans marinated

Vegan “fish” caviar semolina

Croquettes of lentils

Potato chops with kohlrabi

Snack cake of greens & beans

Balls of colored mashed potatoes

Pineapple with pepper

Vegetable fritters of buckwheat and zucchini

Potato patties in the oven

Balls of rice

Chickpea Patty

Patties of chickpea flour and carrot

Meatless meatballs

Sauces, pates:

Sauce from tomato paste

Mayonnaise without eggs (soy milk is also great)

Vegetable pâté of beans

Lean mayonnaise

Peanut sauce

Meatless (vegan) salads:

Vitamin salad with Jerusalem artichoke

Salad with tofu “Fantasy”

Salad with avocado and cucumber

Salad fried cucumbers and carrots

Salad with grapes Kish-Mish and pineapple

“Vitamin” salad from cabbage

Salad with sea cabbage

Salad with nori

Salad with quinoa and chickpeas

Salad with grapefruit, avocado and pine nuts

Salad with Peking cabbage and cucumber (honey can be deleted)

Vegetable cake with rice


Salad “Nicoise”

Salad of raw vegetables in Georgian

Salad of tofu with carrots

Lentils salad

Vegetable desserts:

Fruit salad (for the vegans – honey do not add)

Baked apples (butter do not add)

Kutya, Christmas wheat

Strawberry-coconut dessert

Healthy candies with dried fruits (vegan food – no honey)

Cranberry mousse

Candy from dates and sunflower seeds

Nut cake without baking (includes honey, you can substitute brown sugar)

Dessert made from bananas and persimmon

Lollipops at home

Cake “Potato” without condensed milk, biscuits and pastries (contains honey)

Strawberry-banana smoothie

Granola bars

The sweetness of chickpeas (vegan – honey, you can substitute dates)

The marmalade on agar-agar

Raw dessert apples and vanilla sauce

Halva at home

Raw food cheesecake

Pumpkin baked slices in the oven

Also look in the section with vegetable cakes. there are many interesting and delicious!

Let these meatless meals are not only pleasing to You and Your family during lent, but bear happiness and prosperity in Your home! Bon appetit!

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