Salad recipes - delicious, simple, vegetable, meat and fish salads
New salad recipes Ingredients:onions black and purple 1 piece tomatoes 3 pieces potatoes 5 PCs boiled green olives or black olives 10 pieces dill or parsley 20 g butter 50…

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The most delicious meat dishes
How to prepare tasty steak You need to take: pork (loin) 500 g, egg, breadcrumbs, 2 tablespoons ghee, butter, canned peas 1 Bank, greens, ground black pepper, salt. Cut into…

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Meat dishes, Ukrainian cuisine, recipes, cooking, healthy food
Dishes kotlety mass and minced meat Ukrainian cuisine is widely meat dishes. In any restaurant menu You will find both first and second courses of meat . Meat dishes are…

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The most delicious street food world

Food and travel are inseparable. Of course, you can always enjoy fine cuisine and complex dishes in expensive restaurants, but street culinary quests – the most revealing moments of the trip. Street food provides a deeper understanding of culture, history and character of the people. For your consideration – the top most delicious street food around the world.


Although empanadas . meat pies can be bought in any place of Argentina, it is best prepared in the region of Salta, in the North-Western part of the country. This is the only region where the hot sauce for these patties is a common phenomenon. Yay!


Singara is a fried Patty with peppered potatoes and vegetables in a thin pastry. Good singhara is a very pie in puff pastry. Sold everywhere and is inexpensive.

Bali, Indonesia

The nasi campur is a favorite Balinese dish which is a rice with different additives. To try the nasi campur can in some restaurants, however, stay, local street restaurants, nasi campur of the most delicious. You can choose the nasi campur with chopped vegetables, meat, chicken, or tofu.


Saltenas is something like the empanadas, the pies with chicken or meat and a distinctive sweet dough. In addition to the meat in these pies can put a boiled egg, greens and olives, but you can also choose whether the pie is very sharp, medium-estremely even sweet.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Walking in the center of Sarajevo, you will definitely feel the aroma of cevapcici (or cevapi), Bosnian national dish. Cevapcici is a grilled sausage of ground meat (beef, pork) with onions and seasonings. In the classic version, the meat should neumatica knife, and not be crushed in a meat grinder. Cevapcici is served with juicy onion rings and fresh pita bread.


Samlar Machu – this is the famous “Cambodian sour soup.” And it becomes sour by adding tamarind and tomato. There are many types of these soups, but the most popular option is the Machu samlar moon, sour chicken soup.


Well, in Chile, on the streets you can see trays of hot dogs . What about ethnic food, you say! However, to resist hot hot dogs with avocado, tomatoes and mayonnaise simply impossible!


Try not to make a mistake in the name of a favorite street food of China: tszyaotszy . It is nothing like Chinese dumplings, which can be pork, shrimp and vegetables. Tszyaotszy can have different shapes, and they are served with a sauce of vinegar, soy sauce and minced garlic.


It seems that every country in Latin America, renowned for its unique style of cooking ceviche . dishes of fish or seafood. Homeland of the dish is Peru, and there this dish is usually served with sweet potatoes, but in Ecuador as well as possible side dish of rice or chips banana-plantains or popcorn.


Perhaps all the tourists who have at least once been in Egypt, tried their famous purpose, deep-fried balls of minced chickpeas with spices, sometimes with the addition of beans. It is believed that the falafel were the first to cook Egyptian Copts instead of meat during lent, and then this dish became popular in other Arab countries. Others pointed out that falafel originated in Pharaonic Egypt.


Pupusas . stuffed tortillas made of corn flour, can be bought everywhere in El Salvador. Served with fried red beans, cheese and chicharrones (salty chips from pig skins), and sometimes with pickled vegetables and chilli.


Bougatsa is a pastry pie stuffed with custard or cheese and sometimes minced meat or spinach. The most famous bougatsa is served in the bakery “Kipkop” in Heraklion (Crete), founded in 1922, the Armenian emigrants, whose descendants are preparing this dish in the original recipe to this day.


In Guatemala, try chuchito (similar to tamales) with fresh guacamole, salsa and cabbage, wrapped in dry corn leaves.


While in the rest of Central America “all about corn”, in Honduras favorite street food – baleada is made using wheat flour. Bread stuffed with mixture of cheese, beans, eggs, meat and other ingredients.


Unless someone can walk past fragrant pita bread with sour cream? That is why the Hungarian langos so popular. Try garlic langos – amazingly delicious!


Street food in India is very diverse, but you should definitely try the aloo Tiki . spicy snack made of boiled potatoes, onions and various spices. Served hot with tamarind and mint sauce, and sometimes yogurt or chick peas.


A dish called takoyaki is made from batter and bits of octopus that are fried on a special pan with hemispherical indentations. Served with a sweet sauce, oregano and stroganoj fish.


Dumplings are good in any case, local dumplings and Momo in Nepal is no exception. They are served steamed or sometimes fried.


On the streets of Turkey must try Burek, a savory Turkish pastry made of layered dough. Actually, from the Turkish pie comes popular in Russia and Crimean Tatar CIG Borek.

Cold appetizers
SANDWICH CAKE Ingredients : round bread, butter — 20 g, horseradish sour cream — 2 tablespoons, ham — 150 g cheese — 150 g, pate poultry or venison (canned) —…


Cold appetizers
SANDWICH CAKE Ingredients : round bread, butter — 20 g, horseradish sour cream — 2 tablespoons, ham — 150 g cheese — 150 g, pate poultry or venison (canned) —…