Recipes of exotic dishes
Fish in sweet and sour sauce (Chinese food) 300 g cod, 1 egg, 60 g of corn flour, 1.5 tbsp lard. Cut the fish into thin narrow strips. Fat warm.…

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Quick & delicious: dishes for 10 min.
The high pace of modern life makes on us. Modern housewife often no time to linger in the kitchen, trying to cook a complex dinner from three dishes. They strive…

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Salad "Autumn"
This salad I can eat almost every day, love him very much. Without canning, it is stored in the refrigerator for a week, but can be spun and for the…

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The Cuisine Of Malta

Peculiarities of the national cuisine of Malta

Not only do the knights of Malta had its secrets, secrets kept and Maltese Housewives. The mere cooking of hot food, especially in rural areas, is a kind of ritual. It was the fact that due to the lack of firewood cooked food or burned in a furnace, for which the entire village was preparing, and sinking a local Baker, but every woman early in the morning brought down his pot of food. The smells and aromas of the neighbors could have guessed that someone for dinner.

Families cooked on large flat stones, heated on the fire, they retain heat a long time. The lack of firewood determined the nature and composition of the typical Maltese dishes. In addition to pasta are clearly of Italian origin, meat and vegetables, usually baked or stewed. Ragout rabbit’s meat (in Maltese is “Fenech”), stuffed beef, stuffed with braised octopus, steamed vegetables of all kinds are among the most tasty local dishes.

Traditional pie with lampuki – fish, taste like tuna. And one of the most exotic dishes – spaghetti with sauce from ink of an octopus . Continue reading

Best snack to vodka than you need to drink vodka

Vodka is good because it can be eaten with or just to relieve stress and lift your mood. But a mandatory part of alcohol drinking is a starter. And the more You decided to “abuse”, you should more carefully consider the menu to vodka. It can be drunk without snacks, but the culture of drinking vodka since the time of ancient Rus recommends become downright national snacks. And why experiment on yourself, because you can pre-decide which snack is the best.

Presents You options of snacks to vodka will soften the strength of the drink and will help to prevent excessive drinking, and most importantly will weaken the manifestation of a morning hangover, turning drinking vodka in the art and pleasure.

So, the best appetizer is:

1. Pickles. This dish has become a bestseller just by drinking vodka . Snack good all – fast and affordable. Guests are only “for”! Especially when the cucumbers prepared with spices with pepper, garlic, parsley and Laurel leaves, cherries and currants. And the brine from them – the most popular morning drink. Better than nothing will.

2. Rye bread. Its aroma can “kill” the smell of vodka, so it not only can eat, but to smell . This, of course, a purely Russian tradition, anywhere in the world no longer practice, but vodka in Russia lubambula than anywhere else. Continue reading

The history of the origin of the names of dishes – World facts

We all love to eat and there is nothing progressdialog. The main thing — do not overdo it. Now there are so many different dishes that simply do not count. And every day appear all new and new dishes. But in this article we would like to highlight a few popular dishes, but rather the origin of the names of dishes . known around the world.

So, the 12 Names of dishes — and 12 stories of origin:

Chicken Tabaka. Where did this strange name “the Chicken of tobacco”. Do the chicken before cooking powerfully naturepath? Or season it with tobacco? No. Everything is much easier. The dish itself is Georgian and it was prepared on the Georgian pan, which was called “Zilla Tanaka”. That is nothing there’s no tobacco, just the chicken was cooked together with spices in a special Georgian pan with a similar name. Before cooking the chicken was flattened in a special press until bones started to break.

Bloody Mary . Everyone knows that the cocktail “vodka with tomato juice”. Many people think that the cocktail was invented in Russia, but it is not. Continue reading

Recipes healthy meals
The food can be not only tasty but also healthy. We will tell you how to cook delicious and healthy dishes. Dessert strawberry "Tenderness" - 500 g large strawberries, -…


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